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Need some motivation...


Hi everyone,

I’ve been having a difficult time again recently, not with running, but with the motivation to actually do it. When it snowed it completely threw my schedule out the window and I just can’t seem to get myself back into the programme which is a shame as I was moving on to W4 and I noticed then that I was definitely progressing. I’ve been out walking a lot to try to keep myself active instead of just doing nothing and I can easily get myself out to do that but not for running...

With a lot of other things in my life I find it extremely hard to stick to routines and find it difficult to get things done so I knew that I’d struggle with this but I just didn’t think I would be so bad. I’m so desperate to get healthy and I thought that would really push me on to achieve but here I am 😓.

Any advice?

(Also I’m sorry I know that a few of my posts have been about my motivation problems 😩).

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You are not alone! The bad weather and short days knocked me back as well. I decided to try one 25 min run a week after Dec, but I didn't even keep that going during the snow and ice. Starting again this month but it's erratic. Sometimes I manage a good run, sometimes not. It is difficult to keep a routine going but I just keep plodding on. Don't knock yourself, just do what you can, even if it's sporadic. The good weather and longer days are not far away. Just try and focus on the euphoria when you do get out there.

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It’s so hard isn’t it! And it’s crazy because everytime I finished one I felt amazing after and loved that feeling but I still can’t seem to get myself out there.... thank you, I think with the weather changing hopefully that will make me want to get out there!! Thank you for replying ☺️


I'm an absolute novice at this running lark so I'm sure those more experienced than me can give you better guidance but for what it's worth this would be my advice...Like most things in life the thought of doing something you don't want to do is often worse than actually doing it! I'm lucky that I'm still looking forward to every run (just about to start week 6) but I know from experience that if I wasn't, just taking the first step out there and it would start to get easier. Break it into little steps, go back a week or a run, promise yourself a little treat at the end, whatever it takes to get out of the door. Finally, don't worry about failing; so long as you try then you have succeeded. Good luck 🙂

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That’s very true, I do enjoy how it makes me feel but the thought of getting out there and doing it is the hardest part to overcome... now that the weather is changing hopefully that will urge me to get out there 🤞🏼. Thank you for replying, I’m glad that you’re enjoying your runs ☺️☺️


"I’m so desperate to get healthy"

Sounds like good motivation to me! But... HOW desperate ? Maybe focus on that and write down some goals?

But... motivation comes and goes for us all. The most important thing is to build a habit . From that habit comes consistency. From consistency comes your reward :-)

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That’s a great idea!! Thank you for replying ☺️

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It's an important question re: your health. HOW desperate are you? What are you willing to do about it? Are you *that* desperate that you'll restart C25K again and STICK with it?

How badly do you want it?


The hardest step is always the first.

The only advice I can give is: get out there again. It won't be as bad as you fear.

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Thank you ☺️☺️☺️


Wear your running gear next time you go for a walk and then run, even if its only a few hundred yards, if you feel ok with it do another few hundred yards and so on.Get your kit ready the day before so you don`t have another excuse not to do it.

Motivation is the hardest thing but you can get back into it by taking small steps.

Good luck.

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Good idea!! I’m enjoying walking atm and sometimes when I’m out I think to myself why not just run but I’m never in the right gear, so I will definitely do that next time, thank you so much! 😁

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Keep us posted 👍 😊


It's good to ask for motivation Hidden 👍 we've all had those times when it's easy to just turn the TV on and ignore the trainers.

But here's the good news!

You'll never regret going for a run 🙂

Why not pop over to your calendar or dairy, phone organiser what ever you choose, make yourself that running date promise..... Come back and tell us 👍

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That’s very true! And this is probably the best time to get out there as I’m not working atm! I will do, planning to go on Thursday so I will reply to you after to let you know how it goes ☺️.

Thank you for replying and helping, I really appreciate it 😌

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We all want you to get to week 9 run 3 Hidden

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Oh thank you, really really hoping I will get there 🤞🏼

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I try to use the two day rule were I cant skip a run for more than two days in a row (unless injured or body telling me it needs more recovery time), seems to work for me 😊

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That’s a good rule!! Thank you for sharing 😁

I completely lost motivation too so and was beating myself up. But remember it’s a long term thing. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. I just started from the beginning again. But I think the advice to have your running gear on when you next go for a walk is good advice. My mum, who can’t run is using the app to speed walk/slow walk intervals. Might get you started again if you can just feel yourself it’s only a walk. But motivation will come when you are ready. Walking is also good for your health so you should be proud for getting out at all!

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It’s so hard to stay motivated isn’t it! Very true, I am glad that I’m still getting out there even though I’m not running. Thank you so much for replying! ☺️☺️☺️


If you gave run for two weeks or more you should go back a week and test yourself out. If you feel fine go back to where you left off. If you find it tough repeat the "old" run. You will be back on track in no time. Even the weather is getting better. A lot of us stopped when the snow and ice was about. Give it a whirl. It will get those endorphins moving.

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Yes I’m going to go back to W2 and see how I get on with that and if it doesn’t go well I will start over again. Yes it is! Hopefully the weather continues being this nice as it definitely makes me less motivated to get out when it’s bad! Thank you for replying ☺️


Hidden It's worth reminding yourself why you started on the C25K journey and think about your goal and the reward when you get there. We all have setbacks the benefits of any exercise is way better than the couch.

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Absolutely! I just have to keep reminding myself that now is the time for change. Thank you for replying ☺️

Just keep going! This is only a set back you can do it. We all want a break sometimes but it is easier to keep going once you are out the door. If you think you need to restart the entire program. No shame in doing week 1 and 2 for longer if you need to build the habit.

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Very true! I’m going to go back to W2 and see how well I get on with that and if I can’t do it I will start again ☺️.

Thank you for replying 😌

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