3 q's

3 q's

Hello everyone!!

I just did an intervals session as I have a much needed DAY OFF WORK :) :) :)

i used Laura's speed but struggled as they were cutting grass in the playing fields and my fuc**** wheezing started ( I have asthma and v bad hay fever). I didn't take my inhaler either ;(

I would like to ask you guys 3 questions:

1.Does anyone have any tips for running in the summer for asthma sufferers?

2. can anyone recommend an audio podcast for intervals? I find it so much better with a voice like Laura or silky Steve to get me through but I want to progress from laura??

3. In order to maintain myself after the marathon would you recommend doing say 10 miles for the weekly long run or something like 2 hours?? I'm in a quandry

Pic is me when I got back, and happy that i got very hot and sweaty as it means I'm pushing myself :)

Happy Panthering



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  • There were 3 questions ?? I didn't quite get that far seem to have got distracted on my way......

    Asthma afriad i cannot help you there.

    I think SilkySteve does something called pyramid podcasts which is another type of intervals

    And distance, just do what you feel is right for you there's no hard rules about this now.

    Happy Running

    MrMatthew xxx

  • Hello Mrmatthew , so so good to see you back here...oh yes I'd forgotten that...and somewhere I have the speed extra that you shared with me..... I'm wondering about 2 hour long runs with a view to getting more and more miles in?? Happy Panthering, xxxx

  • Hi Juju - I'm lucky never to have suffered from asthma. I sympathise with you. Do antihistamines help? Or is that for something else? I reckon 10 miles is a healthy good long run to do once a week. Good plan. Happy Day Off Work!

  • Yes I take piriton but only at night as it makes me so drowsy.... And yes 10 is a nice rounded figure? I'm so loving my day off its such a rare treat :)

  • Good for you! I'm on my 104th (if you can believe it). But I'm supposed to start work Monday......I say "supposed"......

  • That's good?? Take it easy till then....?

  • MrMatthews comment (1st sentence) made me lol - thanks for that

    Have you looked on Audofuels website? They do some great interval training (with spoken pacing and encouragement) that you can purchase from itunes.

    No advice for the hay fever either I'm afraid.

    You must leave a traill of fainting, dribbling male drivers in your wake looking so sensational! Is your top a Skins one? I could do with a boost like that!

    πŸ˜„ x

  • I need to look again, that's where I got silky Steve from ( 2 hour long run)!! Ha ha no, I saw my friend on the way and she gave me a friendly hoot but that was all!! Yes it's Skins, you should try it, they wash really well and are extremely comfy, I have the trousers too :)

  • Are the Skins sure to size? I'm probably around your size and 5'8 - maybe I should start another post with my questions.

  • I would yes.... And I'm 5 foot 8 too and a size 12 comfortable. I got size medium and they are extremely 'fitted ' but they aren't designed to be loose. You don't need a sports bra as they hold you in well, although sadly I don't have big boobs, so others may disagree!!

  • Sorry? You were saying?

    I've read several marathon training books where the general advice seems to be to keep the weekly run to be "at least 10 miles", but knowing you, you wouldn't want to take the easy solution. If you're doing intervals as well, it might be "fun" to keep your long run at 2 hours and then be joyful as you see yourself running further and further in those two hours.

    Having said that, I (so far) have zero experience with how it feels to get to the time after a Marathon.

    Happy running!

  • That is really helpful, Thankyou. I just don't want to 'lose' too much so I'm on the cusp for my next one!!!

  • Just to add - Chrissie Wellington does some great interval training (with Audio fuel) I find her easy on the ear x

  • Ah, a fellow asthmatic. It's pants isn't it? All I can suggest (apart from taking your inhaler along for the ride) is to try one of those products on the market that act as a barrier to catch the pollen before it hits your nasal passages. Haven't tried them myself -I rely on my Inhalers and Nazonex prescriptions to keep me functioning during the summer ( and the Spring, Autumn and Winter too, for that matter) My friend's mother used to smear Vaseline under her nose as a little girl to catch the pollen, to stop her coughing and sneezing, but, short of running in an aqualung, I can't really think of any other ways of beating the dreaded asthma. Good luck Sweetie, deep breath, cough, sneeze, wheeze and run!!.... ;)

  • Thank you so much, it's good to hear from someone who understands. My childhood was spent indoors in the summer and I could never go on camp because I would have the most dreadful attacks..... I am overdue a trip to my asthma nurse, she may have some ideas, and I haven't tried Vaseline but heard it works. I too suffer all year round and I'm really allergic to house dust too so I'm on antihistamines constantly. I live with constant runny nose and sneezing, I have never been able to breathe through my nose when I run either. Sorry it's good to offload, I don't go on about it much on here, but it does get me down and also prevents me from getting faster... How are you doing? Thankyou so much for your advice :)

  • Oh sympathies JJ. I'm absolutely the same. My asthma nurse diagnosed allergic rhinitis, basically asthma of the nose! I'm really allergic to house dust, so she prescribed the Nasonex. Why not ask your asthma nurse for a prescription to try. It really changed my life -and possibly saved my love life too. Before I started using it, I'd go to bed and my nose would just stream, despite having all anti allergy bedding. It used to drive OH crackers as I lay there sneezing and wheezing, sniffing and, yes, snoring too. He was on the brink of demanding separate rooms when the asthma nurse suggested the Nasonex. Honestly, it's fabulous. No runny nose, no night time sneezing and, best of all from OHs point of view, no snoring either. There are loads of OTC nasal sprays you can get, but nothing comes close to Nasonex. I haven't got shares in the manufacturers, honest!!

  • I will ask, that sounds really hopeful...

  • Hi Ju

    Local honey, taken every day, is supposed to be a defence against asthma. It has to be completely local to your immediate area. Personally I could live happily for the rest of my days on porridge and honey.

    I don't know anything about long runs post marathon. You could aim for 10 miles and see how it goes, and cut it short if needs be. If you change routes each time that will keep your body on its toes

    Were you talking fast intervals Ju? When I do 1 k fast intervals I just run like hell with no podcast. Otherwise it's Speed with Laura, and for longer intervals it's Sami Murphy, the Queen of Mean.

  • I've always wanted my own bees but my daughter would freak!! I will get some local honey, I have read about that before... Good advice re the mileage...as for the intervals, I really struggle due to the breathing....legs fine but if I feel like I'm suffocating I can't push. My son had a go as I am supposed to be doing intervals of 3x 8 minute miles with walking between each but I'm just not fast enough yet....he's not v happy with me :(

  • Whoa look at you !

    Sorry cant offer any advice but just wanted to say you look absolutely amazing !!!

    Proper Poster Girl , fab ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks babe, you are always so lovely xx

  • My husband and son both take Loratidine during the day as it's a non drowsy antihistamine. Vaseline round your nose works well too, but only when you are breathing through your nose, which I would imagine you aren't if you are running for 2 hours!

    Nice pic - I thought I'd logged onto a different site for a minute there - just been seeing Martin Daubney's tweets about FHM 100 hottest women!

  • Yes the Vaseline may just give me a nice shiny nose as I can't breathe through it!! And that's hilarious as if!! So who is FHM 's hottest woman, I'm intrigued...

  • No idea! Dame Edna every time for me!

  • Yep, agree with poppy pug, you're looking rather well there. You'll be putting the other runners off their stride!!

    I'm asthmatic although I don't broadcast it! I take a sneaky inhaler before I set off, it's a new one from the asthma nurse. I probably could manage with it, truth be told, and it's probably more psychological than anything. Even keep one in the car. Seems to work for me. I'm dammed if I'm going to let the asthma get in my way! Managed 7k this morning, furthest so far, and working up to the 10k, loving every minute of it as well! Get to the nurse, she'll sort you out..ooohhhh matron!

  • That's the spirit, and I have always been this way too. I do usually carry my inhaler on runs,especially long ones as it can suddenly hit me! Good luck on the 10k, well done!

  • this stuff is good for hayfever, like vaseline but with nice vapors that clear you nose and stop it getting red and sore! :)


    i suffered for YEARS with hayfever, with lots of days off school and no PE when grass had been cut but in the last 3 years have almost had none, very strange as was told as a kid"you grow out of it" but never believed that! even dreaded cow parsley has little effect! long may it last!

    i feel for you with that AND asthma! :(

    looking good as always post run! :)

  • Thankyou, and I will look into that stuff....I feel for you that sounds very similar to my childhood!!!

  • Well done though on the three questions 1 always take your inhaler I guess ( or preventative inhaler before running?) or discuss with asthma nurse on annual review? ( recommended by asthma uk) 2 and 3 no use on I'm stuck with Laura as you know,

    Keep panthering and looking like Kate Winslet !

  • I usually do take it with me, but I forgot!! Yes I will go and see her, I am rubbish at accessing healthcare which is pretty typical for a healthcare worker!!!! And that's very kind, she's always been my role model in every sense. Her and Belle :)

  • I love Pyramid 180 from Audiofuel (I think that's your friend silky Steve) It's a great little interval session.

    *So* much sympathy and admiration for you people with asthma and hay fever at the moment as I struggle to recover from fluey chest thing.

  • I hope you are on the mend and recover soon.... And yes I definately need to get that pyramid one, because I love hearing silky in my ears too...

  • Thanks. Managed a nice bluebell walk today so that's promising.

    I love the 'steel yourself to go in..' and 'recover as best you can...' He knows where I'm coming from!

  • Pyramid 180! Might give that one a whirl. Ta for the tip

    Does anyone else read Sparky's name as "Sparkify"? Or is it just me

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