B210k started - Samantha is DEFINITELY not Laura!

At last, after the shin splints, ice, snow, etc., this afternoon I got started on B210k training. It would have gone better if my iPod hadn't kept jumping ahead onto week 2. Week 1 was quite enough to think about! Anyway after various struggles with technology, I gave up, left Samantha playing and just timed my run-walk intervals. It would, I'm sure, have been more enjoyable if I hadn't eaten a yoghurt and drunk gallons just before I set out - my tummy felt like a concrete mixer! However, I managed to do it all, and fortunately the last interval finished just as I got to the Big Hill which I am still trying to conquer (breaking it down into sections).

I have to say Samantha's music is quite good but Laura she is NOT! she is precise and matter of fact but doesn't encourage you or say nice feelgood things like the lovely Laura. I do miss Laura, and the things she gives you to think about while you are doing the C25k+ runs.

I do feel quite chuffed and as though I'm moving my running on - if anyone asks, I can say smugly "Oh, yes, I'm training for 10k"!!!!! It will probably take more time than Samantha plans, though, because I'm still going to do my just running for pleasure runs at the weekend with my friend, we had a great run last weekend in the snowy landscape!


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12 Replies

  • Congratulations on gettin out there, your definately right with assessment of the podcasts. Enjoy your weekly runs with friend, runnings about the enjoyment, not just he slog :-)

  • Thanks, Phil, hope your running is continuing to go well - and that your cat is OK now. :-)

  • She (cat) is fine now, was 17th birthday yesterday. Running going great, cheers

  • Ha ha, just realised I deluded myself - due to the technical problems I misunderstood and thought I was supposed to run for 10 mins and walk for 3 x 4 times. Just trying to work out why the podcasts kept jumping around, I noticed Samantha said to walk for 1 minute between intervals... Oh well, next time I'll find it harder but I will try to do it right! Duh! So much for feeling chuffed.

  • You should still be chuffed! Your going for a 10K!!! :-) Steve and I are getting ready to start week 5 of a 6 week 10K plan. We opted to just keep our own times and playlist compared to listening to Samantha or anyone else. Great going!!! Gayle

  • wow Gayle you go girl.

  • Week 5 is brilliant, well done, you two! I have to say I didn't warm to Samantha, so might do the same as you. She does seem to mutter 'time to walk', I could barely hear her!

    Hear you're having some awful storms in the States! Keep safe. My husband has just set off today to go to Houston on business, hope it's not a bumpy ride for him.

  • We are safe from the storms, more wind and rain if anything. Praying all goes well for your hubby! Several hundreds if flights were cancelled because of the snow. More so on the east coast. Thank you for the comments, I won't be anywhere near a 10K distance but I'm happy just building my time up.

  • Like Gayle & Steve I'm building up to 10k gradually on my own on my 'easy run' every week & finding that suits me best. I did try Samantha but it didn't work out for me, I agree she's no Laura - she once told me I was "kicking butt!!"... Can you imagine Laura saying that?

  • Lol, not in a million years!!!! Our Laura would never be so aggressive! Think I'll organise something for myself instead, as you, and Gayle and Steve have done.

  • Hi Soozz good to hear you've finally got rid of the shin splints and are training for 10k, wow! Finally got rid of my shin splints, hope they never come back.

    Happy running!

    Susie ;)

  • Thanks, glad you're ok now too. I have to say I'm taking it quite steadily - it was so cold and horrible outside today that I just did Speed rather than any 10k training!