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Plans for run 3 of week 1

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Tomorrow, I am planning run 3 of week one. But I wanted to ask some questions about heart rate. I noticed that my heart rate is really high. So I hit the max when I run. I know it’s because I am unfit, unhealthy and very big, or as terry practett says, circumstancely challenged.

Anyway, I am taking it easy, today I tried walking , just walking on a treadmill, slowly at 4.5 km per hour. On an incline of 5. Increased by one every minute till ten then back down again. I noticed that my heart rate was 167. Which for me is very high. I am 43. Totally unfit. So taking one step at a time.

So I think maybe I should repeat week one will can do at a lower heart rate? Or should I prefer to week two when I complete my final run tomorrow. I am not sure.

I am trying to excercise every day now.

Week 1 , managed 4 days

Week 2 , managed 3 days so far. Still on week 2.

Plan for week 3 is to introduce swimming for none run days and cycling. And I am on still working on week one of this program. At present.

8 Replies

As you've just started running I wouldn't pay too much attention to your heart rate. In time your body will get more used to running and you will get fitter and eventually your rate will come down a bit. For now go with your breathing if it's to fast and too hard slow down and slower again if needed. Good luck and we'll done 😊


Unless you have established your actual maximum heart rate, then you are probably working on the average.............which is just that an average across the population.

If you were not dizzy or feeling ill after your run then you are probably absolutely fine, regardless of the numbers on your HRM.

You are better off ignoring this information unless you are willing to do a lot of serious research to understand the issue.

If you jog at the easy conversational pace described in the guide to the plan then you won't go far wrong.


If you're very concerned then please go to a doctor and get yourself checked out!

Having said that, I think an elevated heart rate is normal while your body gets used to running. Have you tried focusing on your breathing? You can match your breathing to your strides and I sometimes find that helps.


Im not sure why this is worrying you, do you have heart problems?

As long as your heart rate returns to normal after a while of resting then i really wouldnt worry. My heart rate is a little above average, when im running it gets up to 185. Even pottering around the house takes it over 100. Im not tachycardic because it drops below when resting. Running is cardio, raising your heart rate is a good thing, it means your burning fat. As others have said so long as you are still breathing steady and not getting too out of breath i think its fine. If you really are worried then maybe visit your GP? X


I'd suggest keep going- if you dont have known heart issues, and acknowledge that you are unfit, your heart rate would be expected to increase when exercising, and is a good thing :) As long as yoire not feeling unwell obvs

A sidenote- you mention trying to exercise every day? If it's new to you I'd be careful with that, especially if it's mostly running? Your body does still need some time to recover!

Good luck whatever you decide to do and let us know how you get on! :D

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I am one of these people that I need to do everyday for routine or I don’t do at all.

But your right I don’t do the program every day on rest days I walk and cycle in the gym. Gym is becoming a friendly welcoming place. I go to a girls only gym. It’s an amazing place, with an underground giant swimming pool..

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You are doing well! Don’t worry too much about stats. Just follow this tried and tested program to the letter!

If you complete a run move on to the next run after a rest day. If you don’t complete it, repeat it after a rest day!

Take it run by run! Keep your pace very slow & keep well hydrated on both run and rest days. Enjoy!

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Today, I did my week one , three run. Very very slowly. I forgot to stretch after so hurt a bit. I also discovered I do better with a ten min warm up. So in future warm up is ten min with stretching first, And ten min cool down with more stretching is the plan


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