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Overweight 50 something prepares for WK1R2

OK, second attempt at posting this entry and prep for the second day of running. Must be a coincidence.

Anyway, following my first run on Monday I more or less bounced into work yesterday and felt pretty good today. This is an infinite improvement on the normal "wobble" that accompanies my entry to the workplace.

This led me to thinking of the difference between bouncing and wobbling and my thoughts turned to footwear. Monday's excursion was conducted in a pair of lightweight trek shoes, due to the fact that I was for all intents and purposes going for a walk (see previous entry). Whilst they are good for distance "walking", they couldn't cut the moutard when it comes to jogging.

Every other step was followed by a cry of "Jesus Christ" as my back reminded me of all those extra bags of sugar I am carrying (sounds sooo much better than plain old FAT doesn't it). Whilst the outburst may have been unwarranted, there were times when I thought it poignant, as I clearly thought that at any moment I could be on my way to great couch in the sky.

So it was off to Sports Direct, the haven of unbelievable prices and offers that just seem too good to be true. What a sight beheld my eyes, the choice was staggering and with the look of shock and wonder still registering on my face I was approached by a bearded young assistant. Well I say bearded, it actually looked more like a pubic chinstrap, but I'm sure he was proud of it.

Then I am faced with the task of asking for a pair of running shoes in an open environment surrounded by much fitter and healthier people than myself. So, in the same hushed tones that was reminiscent of asking for condoms in a chemist shop full of women, I asked. "I am looking for some running shoes please"

Then there was the "LOOK". A mixture of stifled laughter, pity and incredulity followed by that customer service smile. "Running shoes yeah. Are they for you then?" Followed by the "LOOK" again but with more stifled laughter.

After squaring myself up with my best "Yeah and what of it you cheeky little sod" look on my face, I was then led to "Bargain of the Week". Actually there was a whole wall of "Bargain of the Week" and therein followed a pep talk about the shock absorbing technology. I saw a nice understated black pair and asked for a size 11. 5 minutes later he came back and advised me that the only pair they had in my size were a dark blue and lurid green pair. At 80% off (see, totally unbelievable) I ended buying three pairs, not all for me mind, one for the wife and the others for the eldest daughter.

So here I am, all kitted up ready for the next step. Ah here's the dog and by the look on his face, it is definitely time for "Running with humans" part two.

Back soon


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Hi Sam,

Firstly well done you! Secondly thanks for making me smile, love the prices in Sports direct but not loving the staff! Hope your Green and Blue trainers do the trick!



Good start, that's great ! Running will be a bit easier...

Next time you happen to be in that shop (and I am sure that it will become a regular thing) don't simply put on the look ( the "Yeah and what of it you cheeky little sod" ) but say it loud :)

Really, they should train the staff to encourage people who are actually doing something to change - last Sunday I got greeted with a lovely smile by a much younger, fitter and faster runner! (should I mention that he was a cutie ;)

Say Hi to the dog

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Well done Sam, sports direct are very good for running clothes, pity about the staff. Good luck with w1r2. Stick with it, it really is worthwhile


Loving your posts. Please keep at it, if only so you keep posting!!!


Sod the sports direct gremlins and their pubic chinstraps (I've been teaching English today, and have to say your mastery of simile and metaphor gets top marks!), you have shoes that won't cause blasphemy and you have a dog to run with. You clearly win! :)


Great post Sam. All the best with your new shoes.


Just checking in, sounds like you are all kitted out. Good luck, I managed W1D2 yesterday


After watching the documentary on sports direct the other night, I will never step foot in the shop again.


Buying the shoes is real statement of intent! Well done. There is a rule in running - the more lurid the shoes, the faster they go! Good luck to you all. You won't regret it.


Hey up :-) I love your sense of humour- thanks for the early morning giggle. I recognize that shoe-buying experience. Oh, the temptation to ram a size twelve down the guy's throat... I have the same problem with buying shoes - the bigger our feet are, apparently, the less likely we are to like basic colours. I think they have made a link between big feet and Ronald MacDonald's shoe choices. Mine are lurid pink and yellow, ideal for being found if I fall into a ditch on a run.

Enjoy the run!

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Well Sam, I hope you will be carrying the dog. I just can't imagine the poor darling running.

Shoes are very important as they may affect your spine. You have to make sure you have a good cushion in the sole on the heel, but not so much in the front. What I mean is when I was buying my new asic shoes, I got last year model because this year model had gel cushion where the ball of the feet lands and more. Trying them, It felt like wearing boots to walk on the moon. Very awkward. Also make sure you have the right width and be as comfortable as wearing sleepers.

As for colour, just remember, you have to stand out, I mean you are special and sod the rest of the world


Hey sack man

Well you are on the treadmill now. Hope it goes well. I thought I would just impart the message from my husband on the purchase of my running shoes. " that's a ridiculous purchase, just make sure you get value for money ". . He was born in tne north of our fair land. Those trainers have completed 500 k of running now. I need to broach replacements. - but his philosophy is you don't replace what's not broken. They are not broken just worn out.

Enjoy the running and what it will do for you ,,


Ha ha I love your post Sam ! :-)

Keep at it , I reckon you are going to crack this y'know .

Good Luck to you ! :-) xxx


I also loved reading your post today with a coffee, (procrastination of my final degree essay). You cannot buy the shoes and not go for it! Look forward to your post later about how they worked x


Funnily enough, the thing I like most about my local branch of That Shop is that most of the staff look to be in even worse shape than I am. Not saying they are - let's face it, on here we know very well that you can't judge a person's fitness by their looks. But it does mean that after the first time I braved it, I've not been worried!

I was more nervous going to the proper running shop near here recently - and needn't have been. The chap there was fab, just very professional, knowledgeable and encouraging. Highly recommended! ;)


You soon won't notice the colour, and if the selections I have seen are anything to go by, lurid is pretty well standard for running shoes. Mine are black (or possibly very dark blue), pink inside, orange tab and laces, and soles that are Orange on one side and purple on the other. Best seen with my nice bright pink running tights. Good luck with your running.


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