Couch to 5K

Overweight 50 something prepares to create a shock

Over the last ten, ok being honest, 15 years I have gradually watched myself expand and my fitness levels erode away to something akin to insignificant. I'm still active in the garden and allotment but let's face it, at 6ft weighing 16st and 12lb I am somewhat obese. So imagine my shock when I was out walking the dog with my wife on Monday night, when she whips out her phone and shows me "The App". 6 minutes later I am doing my first 1minute jog. Probably the first jog in many years. There was a fair bit of pain, feeling the extra bags of sugar bounce along in time to the shockwaves caused by feet pounding the floor.

I think the dog was in just as much shock as me. I could almost hear him thinking "Look, look, the humans are running!"

30 minutes later and I am standing next to the car feeling really good, very sweaty and thinking how good a nice cold beer would go down right about now. No, it was off home and a refreshing drink of Asda's own sugar free cranberry flavoured water (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm).

Tomorrow is day 2 and my eldest daughter has decided to join us. Not sure whether is it to take the proverbial or offer support (we shall see).

Let's see how this goes.


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Brilliant! Well done all of you, even the Hound! Just think how many calories you saved by not having that beer. (I think the beer would have tasted MUCH nicer though ...!).


Well Done - Even if it was sprung on you. I graduated a few weeks ago and now my husband has started and is on week 3. It is great having someone out there with me. Enjoy your runs - Go Slowly and slow down if needed. Take your time and it will be a great journey together.

Happy Running - Good Luck All :)


What a great post. It always helps to have a smile. As for your weight I can only dream of being that weight. I am 6ft 4 and 21st 4lbs. Just about to do my 2nd jog!

Good luck I'll be looking out for regular updates.


Well done Sam.

Nothing wrong with the reward of a nice cold beer as a reward at the end of each week.


What a conniving, duplicitous and downright cunning partner you have..........You don't know how lucky you are!!

This programme has turned many middle aged, waist expanding, couch dwellers into those weird lycra wearing joggers, (that you probably have no affinity with) who actually enjoy getting up before the sun to get their regular exercise fix. Two years ago I would never have believed that I would ever enjoy running. Now it is part of my life around which other things have to be arranged and as I approach sixty, I have never been as fit and healthy as I am now.

Be prepared for your life to change. NHS C25k is a brilliant training plan that really works. Good luck to you and all your family.

Keep running, keep smiling.


Well done...brilliant blog and what a wonderful wife :)


Oh this is such a lovely post .... Love it !

I hope you and your wife ( and pooch ! ) enjoy it .

Well done to you all ! :-) xxx


You'll change your life but you must stick like glue to the programme

Good luck ☺


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