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Week 8 Run 1

I wanted to change things around so I wouldn't know where I had got to relative to previous runs. I went out to another local village as I thought it would be fairly level but one look at the roads made me decide it was to lumpy for my liking. I went back to my usual place but took different routes. It had just started to rain so I did my walk with my hoody on, took it off and threw it in the car on the way past. The first five were a really difficult, I was ready to give in as the rain was really coming down now. I decided to keep going but thought it best to not run past where I had parked to avoid the temptation to quit. I got to the 3 K at just after the 21 minute mark, which spurred me on to up the pace slightly and got to just over 4K just before the end of the 28 minutes, I'm happy with that.

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Well done plop the rain is actually quite refreshing I think?


Well done - it's quite nice to have a change from the very hot weather recently. Only 5 runs to go!


Sounds good well done for keeping going in the rain. Big temptation to go back to car-but you resisted!

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I can't dare deviate my route as I get an inkling as to when I can stop if I follow the same roads. Also the way out is a gentle incline which means the way back in is positively down hill, therefore, if I get half way I know I'll be able to make it back. ☔️


Well done


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