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Week 1 run 2

So after thinking about it for a year or so, I finally started c25k on Friday..... I've always hated exercise and I honestly thought I was gonna die! Running for 1 min, who would have thought it was so hard and that a minute was actually such a long length of time! By the 4th minute of running I honestly thought I was gonna throw up ( I am really unfit ). But I pushed through and I did it!

Today I really had to push myself out the door for run 2! The rain came down and it would have been so easy to let that put me off but I went and I am so glad I did I found it hard still but no where near as hard as I found it the other day! I think this is because I knew what to expect and paced myself better! I wasn't counting down the seconds for the run to stop and the 1 minute seemed to go quicker then last time!

I can't see me being able to run 5k or 30 mins continuously but I'm

Going to give it a really good shot!

Bring on run 3 on Tuesday ;) x

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Well done. I really ached in week one but that did get better! Just have faith in the plan - I am only on Week 4 but remember so clearly when 60 secs seemed tough! You got out the door (and in the rain) that's the main thing! Run 3 will seem a bit easier and you will have the knowledge that you have already done it!


Never say never! Well done on getting out the door and doing the runs. That's an amazing achievement in itself. Keep going with it and it and you will surprise yourself. Trust me and Laura :D


Well done you :-) keep going, you get such a great feeling of achievement as each week passes .....


Don't think too much about the weeks ahead - just concentrate on the next one. This programme is magic - most people on here (me included) didn't believe it would work but just listen to Laura, listen to your body and believe! Don't be discouraged with a bad run - any run is better than none! Also, don't worry about taking extra rest days or repeating runs. Lots of people (me again!) take longer than 9 weeks to complete the programme. There's no rush - after all, this is life changing stuff! Best wishes. :)


Aww thanks guys! I'm so glad I've finally started this after thinking about it for so long. I enjoyed last night and i am looking forward to getting out there and doing it again! :) x


I'm on week three and never thought the words enjoy and running could be in the same sentence but they can!


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