First Fun Run

First Fun Run

Well this morning I did my first fun run. Up at 5:00am for a 7:45am start (1hours drive from home). Fund raising for Breast Cancer Research a Mother's Day Classic run along the banks of Brisbane on a beautiful cold then warm autumn morning. I first started running back in Jan this year, never really expecting that I could run further than the second lamppost but here I was ready to run 8 klm's... And so I did and got a PB in the first 5k - bonus! Not only that, put my number in the free raffle and won a gift pack worth $300! Excellent outcome all round, life begins at 61 I tell you when you take up running!!

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  • Fantastic! Congratulations and well done on your transformation :-)

  • Thankyou! Thought I would be aching a bit this morning but feeling good.

  • Thankyou!

  • Well done - great splits as well.

  • Thankyou! I was really surprised by my splits but running with a crowd spurred me on to try and keep up.

  • Up at 5am? You started running in January and now running 8K and achieving this kind of splits? You are simply amazing!

  • Thank you ViaM, I must say that running with a crowd does help me with my times, but sad to say I haven't run all week as I have had a shocking cold I picked up from last Sunday. I'm off to Bali for 3 weeks on Tuesday so hope to get a lot of catch up running in!

  • Great stuff.

    You did a run like that, won the raffle and are off to Bali? Lucky b*@#@*!!

    I am sure you are aware but Bali is hideously humid. Take it easy and all the best.

  • Ha ha, thanks Dunder 2004! I don't cope very well with high humidity so think all my running will be on a treadmill which I haven't done before so it will be interesting to see how I go.

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