WK5 R1

Just wanted to say I am finding this C25K amazing.

Up until 5 weeks ago I had never run or had any inclination to, now I am going out in an hour to start my week 5 runs. Like a lot of people I am finding it hard to think that my 3rd run this week will be 20 mins non stop! I forgot to say I am 56 and smoked up until January this year.

I am also going to Spain on Tuesday so the 20 min run will be out there! Think I will get up early on Wednesday before it warms up too much.

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  • Stick with it and it keeps on delivering.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Good luck, how lovely to be able to go to Spain to do the dreaded W5r3! I'm taking that challenge on tomorrow, after a drive to Leeds and back to watch one of my boys run the Leeds Half - how anyone runs 13 miles, I will never know.

    Post an update on how it goes :)

  • Good luck saraV. X

  • great stuff on the stop smoking :D I was the same last year when I did this :D I know which addiction I prefer now :D well done !!

  • I'll be away soon too. I used google maps to set up a 5k run and a slightly longer run too, and there's a gym so no excuses even if the sun is too hot.

    Good luck on w5r3. You'll feel fantastic when you've done it. Just take it slow and you'll smash it.

  • Thank you, love the advice from you all.

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