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Wk5 R1

Have just got back from a boozy weekend away in Newark, which consisted of lots of wine, beer and brandy , not to mention meals out. It was great😁.

When I got back I thought about leaving it until tomorrow.

Anyway talked myself into having a go and the first 5 minutes of running was hard but not as bad as I expected, then the second 5 minutes were easier and the last 5 I even speeded up for the last few minutes.

I feel elated that I did it and considering how apprehensive I was about Wk 5.

I know I have only completed the first run of Wk 5, but a few weeks ago I would not have believed I would have been able to do 5 minutes x 3. What brilliant programs this is and the help , support and advice given on this forum has been invaluable . Thank you all

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Any experienced runner will tell you that the first five to ten minutes of any run is the worst, before the required amount of oxygen is being delivered to the muscles. From there on everything tends to settle down. Your run reflects that fact very clearly.

From now on a greater proportion of each run will be at the settled level, so there's something to look forward to.


That you . Your advice and comments to myself and other members I find are of a great help and very inspirational. Thank you


I am only returning the favour that was done to me when I first arrived here.

We are glad to help you on your journey.

And I forgot to say, well done on completing the run against the odds.

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Well done... and keep it slow and keep it steady.. finish each run with a bit left in the tank.. you are doing wonderfully!



Well done for getting in such a great run... despite hedonistic pleasure and (.... unnecessary ?apprehension :)


Well done for getting out there - it would have been really easy to have an easy day - I would say that you are hooked on this running malarkey!!


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