Well - I did it!!!

I've finally got off the couch.. and am trying to go for a 30 min walk 3 times a week! My 9yr old daughter has declared she is my fitness coach! I am planning to start the Couch25K in the near future - I've just got to get over my embarrassment of how I look first! My daughter watches for cars to tell me if any are coming while I am attempting a little run! It's a start! Thank you to those that replied last time for the encouragement!


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  • Don't worry about anyone else! It's you that matters.

    You only have to run for short spells to start with and before you know it you will be feeling so much better.

    Go for it! :-)

  • Thanks old_git! I'll get there in the end!

  • Aw. You just warmed the cockles of my old heart... Kids are great motivators - the way my teenaged son practically reversed the roles and became my running shadow was a real blast for me. Go for it - start with walking, and before you know it you're running "like a real runner".

    As for other people, why should you care what they think? C'mon, you don't know them, they don't know you, and you'll never see them again so what do you care what they think? Your own opinion of yourself is much more important, and who knows, they probably don't even notice that someone's running past... and often the comments you get, when you do, are supportive ones. So go for it - self confidence rules!

  • Thanks for your reply mfamilias. I have hated myself for so long its hard to change a habit of a lifetime overnight! I have to change though so small steps...

  • Well done you, I could relate to what you were saying about been out in public and running but you will get over that. My daughter has started to join me on runs and I am really enjoying us doing that together. So good luck and keep it up.

  • johnst, my daughter is a lovely encouraging girl! she will make me do it if anyone can!

  • Well done on getting out there - before you know it you won't care who see's you. It's hard to get over that feeling at the start but it passes very quickly and soon you'll be so focussed on the running that you won't even notice them.

    Good on your daughter & Good luck with the programme. :-)

  • Thanks to you too Noaky12 for your wise words - hope I can get there soon!

  • I know it will sound intimidating, but have a look at your local parkrun and check the times people finish. We have a lot of people who walk our parkrun and a lot who use it all the way through their C25K program - it's a great motivator!

  • Thanks as well agedsnailspace. I've never heard of a park run near me in Liverpool. I suppose I could walk at first. My daughter might enjoy it! We have been talking about doing a 5k for Alzheimers Society - it might give me a good reason to start properly!

  • There are a few weekly Parkruns in the Liverpool area Lucy.


  • I never thought there would be one so near Dunder2004! Well the excuses are running out... but the fear is increasing!

  • I started walking before running and it does help build you up but you can go straight into c25k cos it's run walks - best of both worlds

    I hid out on the trails in my new lycra pants but after a few runs you don't give a stiff about other folk๐Ÿ˜Š

    Just keep moving and having fun with itโ˜บ

  • Thanks misswobble! I really hope I can one day get to the point when I can run in vivid colours and not care a jot!

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