6 day or 7 day schedule?

Just wondering how others work the schedule. I start my week on a Saturday then Run on Monday and Wednesday, have a bonus day off on the Friday then start over again on Saturday making it a 7 day week. I could finish on Wednesday then do run 1 of the next week on Friday ( 6day schedule). Which method do you use and what are the pros and cons of a 6 or 7 day schedule. I like to stick to 7 days as it means I don't have to sit around while my kids are in their swimming class.


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  • I always did a 7 day week as I ran on a Tuesday when my son was at cubs then on a Friday when my daughter was at Scouts and a Sunday once my BF was home from work. I had the odd change but it worked for me. I hated the idea of doing a run 1 halfway through a week too - it just felt wrong! lol

  • I did a 7 day week. As a new runner, I think your body needs an extra rest day and by running the same days every week, you gear up for the runs mentally. It just made sense to me this way.

    However If you want to get through the program quickly, and are not struggling, there is no reason not to do a 6 day week, just listen to your body.

    Lots of the more experienced graduates have 2 two day rest after a longer run.

  • Whatever works is king. The accelarted gains of a day extra or less of rest here or ther wont make a significant differnce at this stage. In eof the key things I have learned doing all this is that flexibility and consistency go hand in hand. I fmy schedule calls for me to run today but my kids have a performance at school, then I'll go to that and run tomorrow and not get stressed about it. Fitting exercise around your lifestyle makes it easier to stay consistent.

  • I did my first run on a Monday so I took it as 3 runs to be completed in the 7 day period Monday-Sunday.

    Still how I work it too. I did 4 runs in my graduation week as I ran Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun but couldn't sustain that.

    I have never run back to back either, either the one or two days rest.

    Main thing is you go out regularly and that it works for you :)

  • I can't run on a calendar week as my shifts and kids commitments are so variable, it just doesn't seem to work... Not helped by the fact that I decided to randomly start this programme one Thursday!

    It doesn't fit neatly into my usually OCD mindset to do it this way, but as I never work 2 shifts on the trot (12.5hr days) I can run on alternate days on my days off, so instead of thinking of the programme as weeks 1-9 I just think of it as cycle 1-9, that I do three repetitions of and then move up a cycle. And when I get the good fortune of a night shift, I am allowing myself a bonus rest day ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Thanks for feedback, seem that weeks have 7 days no matter how you work it. I'm probably going to stick to my free day off on a Friday routine.

  • I am trying to work up to doing 'something' six days a week and one day rest. I run on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, as we use the park in town and have to drive down to there two or three days a week to post out books (we have an internet bookshop and live in a village 18 kilometers away). I am now trying to fit in three days of strength or flex cross training, using the elliptical machine, swimming and weights. I am going to need my day off. My problem so far is that if the cross training involves my thighs I ache on the run day.

  • books ! My next love after horses dogs and running!

  • Off topic but yes, we have around 35,000 second hand English books, (14,500 online) so when the Bulgarian winter hits, we cuddle up round the woodstove and read.....

  • Hmm, good question. I have been thinking about this, as in, when is it ok to run more than three times a week. My Dad always ran Mon through to Fri then rest days at the weekend. At the moment, having just mastered week five, I am doing a religious routine of Mon, Weds, Fri. Weekends are Pilates, Bodybalance and two hours of dog walking each day. Works for me at the moment!

  • I suppose if I did it that way and have the weekend off it wouldn't seem weird. It's just that I end up with a bonus Friday off.

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