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Bridge to 10k. W2R3


Just thought you'd like to know how I'm getting on with Bridge to 10k. After two week I'm up to running 6K and expanding every week.

It's 14 week since I started with couch to 5k. As a 53 year old lorry driver the weight is not as it should. That is my fault though as I don't really adear to any real food abbit. I have stopped having McD's so much but that's not enough.

This week is the start of my healthy eating plan.

This week's plan is.

Day 1

Breakfast, porridge with fruit.

Dinner, Ham salad.

Tea, fishcake.

Day 2

Breakfast, protein bar.

Dinner, Ham Salad

Tea, mushroom curry, rice.

Day 3

Breakfast porridge with honey.

Dinner, fruit.

Tea, mushrooms curry, rice,

Day 4.

Breakfast, protein bar.

Dinner, carrot and corridor soup.

Tea, will let you know.


Breakfast, porridge.

Dinner, carrot and corridor soup.

Tea, will let you know.

As I'm out in my cab all week I have to buy as I go at the end of the week.

I'll let you know if it does anything for weight loss. In now 14s11lbs. I'd like 2lbs a week loss. We'll see☺️👍.

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Hope the eating regime works, it’s extremely difficult out on the road. Go get that 10k

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So do I. It is hard on the road but every day's a school day. Last week I learnt that if I freeze a few dinner they last a day or 2 longer. I do have a fridge but it only keeps thing 18/20 degrees less than normal temp. In this weather its not good. Thank you. The 10k is going well. ☺️👍


Nice one. I'm on week 2 of the 10k plan as well. I started with the 6k run yesterday, will do the 3k tomorrow and the 5k at parkrun on Saturday. Regarding diet, I found the hardest this was cutting out snacks - I was always stuffing down crisps and chocolate. I think that’s made a big difference - I lost 16kg during C25K. Good luck!

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I also have the same thing with snacks. I'll end up going in to motorway service stations and spending 4/5£ on the same stuff as you. I've decided to drink more water to feel fuller for longer between meals. Let's see how it goes. 👍

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Try to imagine each time you buy an extra snack (allow a certain amount) that its extra weight for your next run.

I'm only days so I bring a packed lunch and 3 litres of fluids each day with 1 pack of crisps and 1 biscuit... I never buy extras.

When fuelling up I only ever take fuel card in with me, not my money so even if I see something nice I'd have to go back to the truck for my money first.

Good luck 👍😁

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My point is I stop for snacks. Fuel is usually from fuel only pumps. I'm going to get on this one. Also it costs a bomb on the M1. It's about health and fitness. I'm going to win this. ☺️👍

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Stop for snacks!? 🤔 I don't stop till I'm done and can head back to yard but then I'm on a daily rate... doesn't pay me to hang about or make extra stops!! 🤣🤣

You will mate 👍 will power 💪👍😉


Ok, may I suggest more fruit and more veg. Veg on the road is difficult for sure, but it will fill you up, and also so good for you. Boring yes, but .... 🙂!

Happy running, oh and jacket potatoes are really good for you, go easy on the butter....and baked beans on toast, very healthy, again easy on the butter. Once again, happy running. Not ventured on to the 10k routine yet, but gearing up for it. Enjoy 🌻

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I can do beans on toast so that's goer that one. Baked tat is a bit harder but can be done in cafés.

Thanks for encouragement. ☺️👍

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You’re welcome!

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