Finally got to 10k

Hello all, just to say after starting this thing 18 months ago, I finally got to 10k. And although deliberately trying not to go too fast, still did it in 1hr 29secs! I'm entered into a local race next week of a similar distance so this is what's pushed me to extend my usual run. Funnily enough it's also what started me doing parkrun a few weeks ago too, so as to get used to running with others. So if I've learned anything over the last few weeks it's be brave and commit to something (yes, I'm a man so it doesn't come easy!) and perhaps there'll be some unexpected benefits. Happy running all.


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32 Replies

  • Nice one Ian, well done.

    Great time, I am betting you will be well under 60 minutes in your upcoming race.

  • Thanks Dunder, it's an odd distance, the race is 5.7 miles so just over 9k but over mixed terrain so hopefully do it in a similar time at least. At least I know I can do this distance now!

  • That is a really good run. I think all the hurdles to doing longer distances are mental. To do your first 10k in that time is remarkable - you could have done it before, in a slower time. Well done, and enjoy that event.

  • Thanks Steve, you're right, it helps to be focussed on a goal (and probably driven by trying to look like I can do this!).

  • Congrats, that's a very respectable time too xx

  • Thanks Curly, yes a gnats whisker close to the hour, so just a few steps quicker...

  • Well done, very impressive time.

    I'm still chasing my first :-) xx

  • Thanks pinkangel, that's the great thing, there's never been any hurry, just a will to steadily go further.

  • Oh great post Ian. You've built up your distance gradually and ended up achieving a cracking pace. Well done m'dear. I'm looking forward to your race report :)

  • Ooh yes, next Saturday, it's a strange distance 5.7miles, but over 'mixed terrain' not sure what that means, but I'll give it a go!

  • Well done - good luck with the race.

  • Thanks ancientrunner!

  • great post keep looking forward.

  • Thank you, will do!

  • That's terrific. Isn;t it great to crack the 10K distance? A real mental hurdle jumped, right there!

  • Hi Dan, many thanks although I won't get too far ahead of myself, I got overtaken by a girl pushing a buggy the other week at parkrun, still so long as I can stay in front of the dog runners!

  • Great time & achievement! I'm going to do my first 10k race in September. I'm gradually building up the distance at 0.5km a week - currently at 8km. If I can get a time like yours I'll be chuffed!

  • Hi Sharon, it's great isn't it, slowly and steadily making that distance, good luck with it.

  • Fab time! I did 10k Monday and it took me 77 mins! Still, really enjoyed it :-) good luck with your race!

  • Thank you Potty, I'd have been happy too with 77 minutes. To think we can do this when most of us would have given anything for Laura to tell us we could stop running and start walking again on Week 1/Run1.

  • Wow! Great stuff. So glad you cracked it! Having done so you won't be able to stop doing it. It's the best distance of all I reckon. I run em all the time.

    Here's to your next one ! Good luck with the race

  • Thank you MissW, it means a lot to hear that from you. Yes, now to keep going...

  • omgaaad blimey that's a super pace, well done

  • Many thanks operation, wouldn't it be cool to get below the hour...

  • Well done Ian and good luck in your race. Itching to know how you get on.

  • ...actually, funny you should mention itching, or at least irritation, I just noticed the tiniest bit of chaffing at the end of the I've ordered some bodyglide for next week! I'll let you know how I get on!

  • It's a fab milestone for any runner so many congratulations to you. And great time too. Good luck for the race next week. I've got one next week too (my first) and am already having anxiety dreams!

  • Ooh, I know what you mean, it's like a whole different world, BUT a whole different world of fun...I think I'm hooked!

  • Well done thats a major milestone, and a brilliant time too ! xxx

  • Thank you poppypug, it feels major, thanks for your support

  • Just wanted to say Well done. :)

  • Thanks SniffVicks!

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