2weeks later.... I finally got around to W8R1

At long last I did it. I was concerned about the hill so went on a flat route today and despite no running for two weeks I have a PB I mapped start to finish and covered half a mile more than on the hill!! A total of 2.54 miles! Guess I needn't have worried.

I'm sorry I haven't been on here posting things have been a bit crazy. I feel terrible as you all have given me support over the plan and I have not been returning the favour. Guess the important thing is I'm back

Happy running all


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  • Yay welcome back! Sounds like you haven't lost any fitness which is great. Keep posting x

  • I'm amazed tbh. I did miss the hill but I have never gone so fare since I started the plan (second time!). I'm also not aching at all so may have to push a bit harder! Can't wait to have Graduate next to my name like you!

  • Well, not long now!

  • Yay! You're back :) I don't think anyone here minds if one if us goes AWOL for a bit. I haven't been around much, life has been a bit hectic of late (and continues to be so) so am struggling to fit my runs in, but still going.

    You've not got many runs left now til graduation - how exciting! Good luck :)

  • Thank you! yes life is a bit mad at the moment and it seems a lot of us are feeling the same... No time!!! Can't wait to graduate. Just signed up for Parkrun

  • Welcome back, and well done!

    I wouldn't worry too much- although saying that I'm a bit nervous about this afternoon. I'm going out for Week 8 run 1 as well, despite only having been able to do one run last week, on Wednesday! Eek! I'm sure it'll be alright.. Surely you don't lose any real fitness over 5 days.. Right??!!

  • Well it was two weeks for me. You should be fine. Have a good run x

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