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Life after C25K: first 10k - 6 weeks to go


Hi all -

So I finally got my badge (2 months after graduation), better late than never!

I'm thrilled. Funny how that little something extra really boosts moral.

I've been seriously stuck since graduation.

Tried Steeping Stones, Speed & Stamina, but I just can't nail them. Really frustrating.

Being fed up of terrible running, I decided it was time for a new challenge. So today I signed up to my first 10k...crazy perhaps. Probably too soon, it's in 6 weeks. But hey, I'm going to give this a go.

In any case, this race thing is all new to me. Scary.

Happy running guys and gals!

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Good luck! Keep posting your progress. Lovely badge by the way. :)

GizelelezigGraduate in reply to greenlegs

Thanks. Will do.


I don't like the stupid stepping stones podcasts. I feel a loser twice over since I can't run - or hear the so called beat to the blinking music!

I find it so much easier (and run faster) listening to my own music. Gotta love Kaiser Chiefs and I predict a riot! :-)

GizelelezigGraduate in reply to Lynds

Phew, thought it was just me. :D


I still haven't tried any of the the c25k+ podcasts, as I prefer not having music, and just doing my own thing, but a bit of me feels left out, cos I haven't tried them! I'm very uncoordinated, so don't expect running to the beat would suit me much anyway (keep fit to music was always a challenge for me!)

GizelelezigGraduate in reply to greenlegs

I enjoy running without music from time to time too. As long as we are running - music or no music doesn't matter, right! Did you enjoy the C25K podcasts?


I found the 5k+ podcast really hard, I've only done the one but I just couldn't follow the beat!! I felt I was messing with my running style (that's if I have one!) made me run in a funny uncomfortable way. I don't know if I should be lengthening my stride a little but just felt awkward :-( . I have no rhythm anyway I was the girl who held everyone's coats and bags on a night out :-) I often just listen to a radio 4 comedy x

GizelelezigGraduate in reply to Souki

Even the ones not holding the bags can be off rhythm... ;)


I did my first stepping stones yesterday and found the first 10 minutes really hard. It just made me run in a really awkward way, and to top it all, I did my usual route more slowly! And my knee hurts now..........moan.......

Gonna stick to my usual Al Stewart and T Rex.

Or Ken Bruce and his Popmaster x

GizelelezigGraduate in reply to gypsydepp

Oh no! TLC for your knee then...


Ha! I went straight on to bridge to 10k. I ran my first 10k a few weeks ago. Amazing but true. The 10k was very slippery and icy and I fell over. I've been nursing a hamstring injury ever since but I'm still addicted. I can't wait to get back. :-)

GizelelezigGraduate in reply to mojo58

How did it go? How long did you train for it? Awesome!

mojo58Graduate in reply to Gizelelezig

Hi. I did the couch to 5k in 9 weeks. I followed it to the letter. My knees ached a bit and so I used ice after every run. Then I just wanted to continue building up and so I did bridge to 10k. This went very well too. I followed a 12 week programme. It all went well up until my 10k day out. As I say it was very cold and snowing. I slipped on the snow. I suspect if it hadn't been the big day out I wouldn't have gone for a run that day. Anyway I was pleased to finish. I struggled after my fall which was at about 6 and a half k. It took me about 75 minutes. But yes awesome is appropriate even though I say it myself. I only started running last November and love it :-). Good luck to you.


Thanks guys!

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