I've got a 10k pb

So that can only mean that I've gone and run 10k :) - my first ever :) I think I can bag that as a pb right?

I've been training up for the Bristol 10k in a few weeks and this is my last opportunity to do a long run before the event (I'm away next week and the following week is the week before, so don't want to push it) so I had some reasonable preparation (only a couple of glasses of vino!) in the hope I would manage the distance. Which I did - I'm so chuffed - been bouncing off it all day.. although the legs ache a little..

I will still run 5/6k about three times a week, and I'm confident this approach will work. Along with a sensible few days before the event ie no booze, decent food and rest.

I treated myself with trip to TK Maxx where I picked up a couple of pairs of running bottoms (capris?) Chilling now with a cold glass of rose, basking in my achievement.. :)

Here's the link to the garmin whatsit if anyone wants to take a peek:


Hope you've all had a good running weekend :) xx


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27 Replies

  • Congratulations Pink, that's brilliant! I think there's a bit of a problem with Connect because it just spat a very angry looking list of text at me but that doesn't matter. What's important is that you did your first 10k and you did it with style ;)

  • Thank you AM.

    Can't believe that a year ago I would have been on about week 3/4. Would never have dreamed I would run 10k :)

  • Yep, first 10 is certainly a pb! Sounds like you're well prepared for the upcoming race.

  • Well I'm taking that PB then rwd :)

    I'm determined to be as well prepared as I can be.

  • Fabulous! Well done pinkangel. That's a big milestone for a runner and you should feel very proud of yourself. I couldn't open your garmin link for some reason.

    I'm sure you'll love the Bristol 10K. I considered doing that but sadly couldn't make the date but hopefully next year and then we could meet up!

  • Thanks IP.

    I'm excited now about the event and yes, it would be lovely if you were able to make it.

    :) xx

  • You should take a PB wherever it comes from. Great stuff!

  • Taken! :) xx

  • Look at that ! Well done, and that time is very respectable too. You'll smash the Bristol 10K and hopefully you will be full of confidence now you have already done the distance. Good Luck !

  • I am feeling better about the thought of it now. I was pretty nervous this morning, but I had taken reasonable preparation so was pleased that gave me the result I was after.

    It was hard work mind you - it's a long way isn't it!

    I was buzzing all day - not something that happens often in regular life :) xx

  • Well done pinkangel. Great to hear about the 10k pb!!

  • Thanks. I'm still chuffed :-)

  • Well done, completing a 10K run is a 'milestone' (so to speak) :-)

  • A milestone indeed.. And one I would never have considered ever possible 🙆

  • Congratulations, you are more than ready for that Bristol 10km now. A cut back in drinking will help loads, but remember to put a bottle in the fridge for afterwards. Good luck for your race!!!

  • Ah thanks. Got a drinkie weekend next week but I'm pretty moderate generally nowadays. Def happy to lay off for a good run (how mad is that?!?) 🍷

  • Congratulations Pink ! Well done to you

    Yep, I agree 10k is a flippin' long way !

    Fantastic achievement ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks Poppy. You had a great day too ☺

    I can't wait for the event (can't quite get my head round saying that!).


  • Ha ha , I know, sometimes i have to pinch myself , I keep thinking my body has been taken over by aliens ha ha :-D xxx

  • Woohoo Pinky! You did it!!! Great job on the PB too. Now you've done 10 k you'll want to keep doing it. It's a great distance to have under your belt

    Enjoy your glass of chilled vino. You earned it. Sweet dreams.

  • Hey thanks 😃

    I can't imagine going further.. But I thought that at 5k..

  • Great time for a first 10k! I've just been out and done my Monday 10 - and managed a new PB too - be almost two minutes!

    Well done, and good luck with the event.

  • Thanks Steve.

    A Monday 10 hey, good start to the week :-h

  • Great stuff, well done! xx

  • Thanks Spikey ☺xx

  • That's a special moment isn't it, that first 10K? - a great time too. Well done you xx

  • Thanks Curly. I was buzzing all day off it. A great distance to get under one's belt 😊 xx

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