Cried - unashamedly - TWICE!!!

So this morning was the dreaded W5R3!!!!

I started of pensive, and about 3mins into my run, i was thinking "this is never going to happen". And then i Manned-up a bit and got on with it. Soon enough, i had done 10mins, and felt fine. 15mins in, and i was tired, but knew i could make it. And when Laura finally gave me the good news, i stopped and immediately burst into tears.. I am 6'4", 19 1/2 stone bloke, finishing my 20mins near a motorway junction = plenty of witnesses, but i didnt care. The relief of doing it, the pleasure of making fundamental changes in my life (lost 3st since January) and wanting my kids to be proud of me just flooded out of my eyes.

And then i reset the audio back to the 5min warm up walk, and did it again!!! (and i cried again at the end of that one).

For anyone who is heading up to this big hurdle, just take it easy, believe in yourself, and believe in Laura. It definitely works. I along with many others are proof.



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  • well done !!! you are amazing, I'm sure you kids will be well proud :)

  • Thanks Tiaralou.. Going up to lancashire to see them next weekend. Cannot wait!!! Currently sat here on the sofa, munching apple and peanut butter feeling proud

  • Hi Fixer, firstly CONGRATS! that's wonderful news, a huge well done.... I start wk 5 on Friday of next week and I'm a little apprehensive but as you quite rightly say I'm trusting in Laura. I've amazed myself so far and will just continue to do so x

    And yay for the crying, it's great to for you to show how much these changes in you mean to you! I'm glad you're not ashamed, you are an inspiration to us all. Well done x

  • Thanks juju.. You will do fab on week5. Its a step up, but a step forwards. Just keep is slow and steady and all the work you have put in so far will pay off. You should be super proud of what you have done so far, and what you will continue to achieve.

  • I had to get a check on my emotions and read that one again, it was so beautiful. Congratulations! And kudos for the motivation and the great progress you've made so far. As for crying... nowt wrong with crying. It's a sign that we're not robots, whether we're beside the motorway or elsewhere. "The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears" (John Vance Cheney). Have a lovely weekend and revel in that success - you worked for it.

  • Wow. Thats a beautiful quote. I love it. Going to steal it for my facebook. Thanks MF.. THe support from this group is awesome

  • The forum is what keeps me going - this place is the cats pajamas for booting my arse into gear :D

  • Love the quote, noted for self :-)

  • ah bless you!!!! I am sure your family will be sooooo proud of you.

  • Fantastic. Well done Fixer-Upper. This running lark is all about getting your head straight and you've done the dreaded hump run. Nothing wrong with some tears just shows you what you have accomplished in a short time. Onwards and upwards Good Luck

  • Oh how lovely. I have tears in my eyes reading this and a lump in my throat. Keep this thought in your head and YES be proud. You've done this on your own (well with the help of Laura). Many congrats and keep going. Good luck you can do this.

  • What a lovely post. Well done FixerUpper, such a lot to be proud of. Look forward to hearing about your graduation run ! xx

  • Well done you! I've got the dreaded week 5 R3 tomorrow. It seems like a huge hurdle, but I know I'll feel amazing if I manage to do it. Thanks for the inspiration.

  • Just go steady Notquiteoverthehill.. And if you get a bit worried in the first few minutes, then tell you brain to man/woman up.. You can DEFINITELY do it. Its a mind game. Your body is ready at this stage.. Its just controlling your brain from panicking.. But i believe in you. Let me know how you get on.

  • I did it!!!!

  • OMG.. fantastic news... well done you.. You should be proud of your achievement. Super pleased for you.

  • That's fantastic! Well done! I've gone all teary just reading this!

    You're going to need a big box of tissues when you graduate!!

  • Thanks Arrietty.. I am only running once or twice a week, so my graduation could well be ages off yet, but i am running to improve my life, rather than run 5k. I reckon when i graduate, i might just collapse in a big heap on the floor. lol

  • Haha!! I've just finished week 8 and I'm not going to tell anyone how far off 5K I am - if I say a loooong way, nuff said!

    It's a great feeling plodding your way through this programme. Be proud 😊

  • Very well done you big girl's blouse ;)

  • lol.. Cmmon dunder.. get in touch with that feminine side.. That mate. The support of everyone here gets me through.

  • What a brilliant story, well done!

  • Congratulations, that's amazing.

  • Well done. I had tears for that run as well - it felt like life had changed in a very good way after that run - you can see a fitter future for yourself.

  • Well done, you have done amazingly!! You should be proud of yourself and no doubt your kids will be to. It's amazing what we can do.

  • Brilliant post - nearly bought a tear to my eye too :) well done. It is ( virtually) plain sailing from here - but you know that, hence the emotion. Keep taking it steady and I look forward to hearing of your graduation in a few weeks time. Enjoy your success and best wishes on your continued achievement :)

  • I think your kids will be very proud, πŸ† no shame in a few tears and not only running for 20 minutes but doing it twice, go you πŸ‘Š πŸ™Œ

  • Well done... life changing eh!! :-)

  • Definitely an opportunity to change it Andy.. Just gotta keep doing it.

  • Ah - lovely emotional post! We absolutely get what it means to you. Well done and enjoy the rest of the programme - did you say you ran it twice?

  • Hi Ully. Yup, back to back with the 5min warm up walk in between. Just playing catch up as i only run once or twice a week. I know its not how its meant to be done, but seems to work for me.

  • You'll find the rest a breeze then!

  • Congratulations. Captures the spirit in which quite a lot of us embark on this C25k journey. Oh to be you in a few weeks time...

  • And now you've made a complete stranger all teary-eyed too! Fantastic!

  • Wierdly Sandra, i dont feel like anyone on here is a stranger. We have all started with similar goals, and have gone through the same tribulations. We are like an extended team/family.

  • Well done Fixer-Upper...and double well done for doing it twice!! Keep up the good work and the great posts - very inspiring. :-)

  • Oh well done m'dear, you've got a right to feel emotional. You're making huge changes to your life and w5r3 is the best most emotional run of the whole programme. So be proud of yourself, you're doing something wonderful.

  • Yes I rather think we are a team! C25kers all!!!!

    You have to keep running and watching your diet. You have to see it through to completion. Your health is at stake! Being fit and well not just for yourself but for your children, so they have you around for many years to come. Running and healthy eating is a dead cert way of keeping trim. I've kept the lard off for nearly five years, and I find that by running regularly I can keep my weight stable

    I love apple with almond butter!!! Try it. I only have a heaped teaspoon of the "butter" as it's a bit heavy on the calories. Delish mmmmmmmmmmm

  • Lol MissW.. I need to find an alternative to the PB.. Thanks for the advice.. I need all the help i can get to keep on the straight and narrow!!

  • Lovely post, fair warmed mi' cockles did that , sniff, snort, blub :-)

    Blimey , were going to have to get the mop out for your graduation , we're all going to be in floods of tears ha ha :-D xxx

  • It's a wonderful milestone to achieve. Great post and good luck with the rest of the programme.

  • Congratulations - truly awesome work, definitely deserves a few tears.πŸ˜ƒ

  • Wow !!!!

  • Aww bless ya! Very emotive business this running XX

  • Sure is CG.. Thats the first time i have ever cried at something i have achieved personally.. When i hit the 5k, it could get messy!! :-)

  • industrial quantities of kleenex on order, and that's just for Fixer upper 😊

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