W6 R3 done.... And of course, I cried!

This weekend was really hectic , I'm travelling and it's been pouring but suddenly got a window a little over an hour ago and set off for W6 R3. A New running place and thanks to the run forced to run round and round ( a very small!) 200 m track! But I did it!!!

The best part? From reading the posts here, I knee Laura asks you to give it your best shot and speed up and end on a high in the last minute. But I started around 3 -4 minutes before the end and the speedy running for 3-4 minutes was no problem at all!

And although, I knew before hand that Laura would say you are a real runner now, I still sobbed and choked up and got emotional.

Thank you so much all of you for the support and encouragement. I'm convinced that although the C25K is a great and very sound pkan, it's the positivity here that makes all the difference.

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  • Ah. Congratulations. Many of us have tears at the end of that run. You've come a long way from W1R1

  • Well done you RUNNER you!

  • Yes, positivity is the USP of C25K. Is why it's the only form of social media I really bother with. Onwards to Graduation- more tears then, I suspect!

  • Well done you should be really proud xx

  • You're doing great. Keep up the good work!

  • Oh that's great and I think we have all had moments like that - well done πŸ˜€

  • So many people feel that way. That the programme is fantastic but that it's the support of the forum that really gets you through. I certainly wouldn't have made it without the folk on here. Congratulations on a fabulous run (and being a runner) :)

  • Thank you everyone....and I'm definitely expecting more years ahead!

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