Week 6 Accomplished - Tally Ho Week 7!

Week 6 Accomplished - Tally Ho Week 7!

Well that's W6R3 done and dusted, albeit a day later than planned due to me falling down a flight of stone steps backwards and rendering myself more senseless than usual. But I didn't appear to damage any of my running equipment so after a couple of days recuperation I went for it. I had to smuggle myself past Mr. S - but at 6.20 on a Saturday morning that's not too difficult. I found some bruises I didn't know I had once I started running, and it was a tough one but I didn't give up. I did go round a cul-de-sac twice to finish because all I could see around me were hills, but no one noticed ;-)

So, week 7 takes this runner (Oh yes I am, Laura just told me so) to Badminton Horse Trials. I may try and run the Cross Country course, but will probably leave the jumps out :-D Pip pip, wot wot, toodle oo and all that

Anyway, off for some health food - carrots are healthy, aren't they?? :-)


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20 Replies

  • Oh yes, that cake is defo good for you😜. Enjoy the horse trials, I'd love to see that!!

  • I'll save you a piece Sparky ;-) I'll actually be working at Badminton so won't get to see much eventing, but suppose the advantage of being up early to run will mean I'll see them trotting out. And can't wait to run on the beautiful Estate :-)

  • You fell down the steps BACKWARDS? Wow, you do things in style. I bet that hurt. Those carrots look scruffy. If my five fruit and veg were made of marzipan, I'd be a vegetarian.

    Horses? Brrr. Enjoy yourself - rather you than me. Horses and I have a mutual understanding - we hate each other.

  • bloody autocorrect. I wrote SCRUMMY. Not scruffy.

  • Lol I guessed that's what you meant :-D

    It did hurt and still does - but the funny thing is I was just relieved it hasn't stopped me running. Who'd have thought it!!

    I don't like horses either - bad tempered buggers at the best of times.....and they make me sneeze. Thankfully I'll be keeping well out of their way - well as much as I can at a Horse trial lol

  • Oh my gosh that looks sooooooo yummy! If that's healthy I just died and went to heaven ;)

    Well done with finishing wk6! You will kill wk7, I'm 100% sure of it!


  • It's kind of healthy Juju.....well, it's got carrots in it ;-) looking forward to week 7 :-)

  • Well done Sazzle. Sounds like you are having a great time. Good luck for W7

  • Thank you :-)

  • I finished it too this morning! Great feeling. I felt really proud and punched the air when Laura said I was a runner! ( still tank of myself as a shuffler!)

  • Well done! I liked it when she said I was a runner, but I've been lied to before....... ;-) Look forward to shuffling into Wk 7 with you!

  • Well done sazzle.

    Week 7 was easily the most satisfying for me so far - hope it's the same for you.

  • Thanks Dunder....fingers crossed.

  • Well done! I like the look of that cake!

  • Thank you! I didn't eat any.....just had a good sniff, and I think that alone had about 50 calories in it :-D

  • OOoh cake. I loves cake. That looks a particularly fine example

    I fell downstairs too and skinned my backbone (no carpet!) but like you was not out for long. You have to crack on don't you

    Tally ho!

  • You do MW - I reckon if I didn't run I would have probably sat around moping and feeling sore. But my I couldn't let myself miss a run - I'm a changed person lol

  • Yay Well done Sazzle ! Youre made of strong stuff , good lass ! :-)

    Ooooh and another fabulous cake , Cor that looks really scrummy

    I'll put the kettle on ! :-) xxx

  • Now then poppy, none of that Yorkshire tea please ;-) xxx

    Hope you're well :-)

  • Yes thank you Sazzle xxx

    I'm just off to take the pugs for a walk and then I'm heading out . Have a good day xxx

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