Mission Accomplished

Just want to add my "yippee I did it!". I completed my runs in the dark last night. Like everyone else at this point, I feel so proud of myself for carrying on and completing the podcasts. I did run 2 last Saturday in the daylight and didn't want to stop when Laura said now do the 5 min walk so I kept going, and going, and going and finally stopped when I'd done 5k. I did it in 53mins so that's now my target to get that 5k in 30mins. Can't wait for the weekend and more daylight running

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  • Congratulations You should be very proud of you new shiny badge

  • Very well done. Your shiny graduation badge looks lovely! I have graduation badge envy! Not long now hopefully...Congratulations again!

  • Congratulations & well done on running 5k

  • Congratulations! You must ecstatic. I know I was. I can't run any faster but iam running further.

    You could now download the next three couch25k+ pocasts, still with laura, and really good

  • Congratulations and enjoy your running

  • Congratulations! Well done for running in the dark ... I am finding it strangely liberating! Lovely badge btw

  • Well done Kate! Excellent that you managed to keep going and finish on your 5k! That's awesome and you should be mighty proud! :-)

  • Thank you everyone. I'm going to polish this badge daily:-) Isn't it a lovely club to be in? I've already got Laura on my Walkman ready for my daylight run at the weekend, Stepping Stone here I come.

  • Yes it really is a lovely club to be part of. Well done on your graduation. Keeping going to the 5K - total admiration.

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