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W4 R1 - ups and downs

Hi all - just back from my first week 4 run. Also my first run without my daughter who has returned to Uni. We are still following the programme together, just in different places.

I found the run hard work. I find it really strange how my feelings can swing from 'wow, this is amazing' to 'I can't keep going' back to 'wow, this is amazing' all in the space of a minute or two. One moment really heavy legs, the next moment full of beans. Why does that happen?

I am so pleased to have done it and kept going to the end. Laura really helps with keeping me going. Also the thought of coming back and posting on here that I did it too! Great stuff!

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I know what you mean! Running is strange sometimes!


I was the same today as it was my W1R1 too. I think for me, I was the same as you but the increase in the amount of running was noticeable. Glad it's done and look forward to run 2 x keep it up so we graduate at the same week!


Yes, very noticeable. Will definitely keep going. I am so excited at the prospect of graduating and actually being able to run for any length of time.


I've just done W4R1 too.

I felt ok until I slowed for the warm down walk and felt like my heels were going to snap!

I also get 'Can't keep going' plaguing my mind.

I've swapped it for 'Can't quit now'

A regular runnist friend of mine said when you start feeling a discomfort that you struggle to take your mind off of, try changing your pace or your step slightly.

He swears by shortening his stride slightly and straightening his back as thinking about the change diverts your attention and you will very slightly alter the balance of muscles you use which could just be the tiny change you need to get you through.


I'm doing wk4 r1 this afternoon, I'm really looking forward to it, though I know it will be tough! Well done you, it's great that you made it and kept going even when it was tough - inspirational!

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