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W7R2 - bad one :(

I managed W6R3 and W7R1 (only just, mind), but the gremlins beat me about 20 minutes into the W7R2 yesterday. Walked a wee bit then did another 7 minutes. Irritating because I've already completed two 25 minute runs, and was well p***ed off with myself afterwards because I stopped & didn't complete the full 25 minutes. My legs seemed a lot more achy than usual during the run, although I might just have been looking for an excuse to stop as I found myself struggling with the mental aspect a wee bit too. Gonna put it down as "one of them, innit" and give it another go tomorrow. Trying to stay positive and even if I didn't manage to finish yesterday's run, I put a few more K's into me legs, if nothing else. We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Yup. "One of them, innit" just about sums it up.

Tomorrow will be fine.

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Thanks Dunder, this morning went well. Out at half 6, skooshed it and even did a little more at the end. Made a conscious decision to go a little slower than normal, but the focus was on doing the time, not the distance. Feel like a bit of a fraud though, because I could've still pushed a bit more. Back to "normal" pace - which is still dead slow :D - for Friday's run.


Snap - well almost.

I did W7R3 this morning too (not quite at 6:30 though). I deliberately extended the middle part of my route to add a little bit of time/distance. First 5 minutes were hellish but after that I settled down and it was fine.

I think we just have to accept that some days, hopefully rarely, we just aren't going to "have it". As long as we can put those behind us, we'll be fine.

Well done, btw.


Hi there, I've just done W7R1, due to do R2 tomorrow and for the first time I'm a bit nervous. The front of my thighs were really sore during the cool down walk and the whole run was much harder than the previous - even though it's the same distance! I put it down to the fact I had rubbish carbs the night before and am intending to eat better tonight :-)


It happens sometimes. I've had a couple of instances where I've really struggled even though I'd done the previous runs of the same distance.

As I said, it's just "one of them, innit". If I've had a bad one, I find slowing my pace down slightly for the next one works for me - it's all about completing the sessions for now & we can worry about breaking records once we've completed the program!

Try not to fret too much, I'm sure everything will be fine!

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