W7R2 done

Another one in the bag. The weather was beautiful and sunny for once and I was determined I was going to finish w7r2, I've already had a go but abandoned the run at 20 minutes when Laura said 5 minutes more my body just froze in place even though I attempted to run but it was not to be the weather wasn't kind and suffering from rhematic doesn't help. I needed hot weather like today.

Anyway today I knew I would reach the end of w7r2, l prepared myself beforehand and run for dear life none stop for 25 minutes when Laura said stop I could have cried but instead carried on finishing the 5 minutes walk in a swaggering fashion lol. I haven't managed to conquer Laura's last 60 seconds push I'm still trying to make the 25 minutes let alone pushing hard for the last bit.

Keeping my fingers crossed I finish week7 this week and even starting week8 I shall see.



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  • Sounds like you are getting there. I find last run of the week that little bit easier. Do you? When Laura says to go a bit faster in the last minute sometimes I can but other times I give her a piece of my mind. ☺

  • Thanks dddd4,

    Yes agree me too perhaps because there are no walking intervals but that didn't bother too much as I did looked forward to the walking intervals for the sake of taking a breather and a break from running because I was always really tired and needed to slow down. It's amazing how the podcast has been created at the right moment when you need to stop for a minute or two to catch your breath.

    No I haven't gone a bit faster yet might try in on the next run but otherwise I've told Laura, I don't think so I'm just about keeping my body staying upright.


  • Well done Josepha

    Keep up the good work!!

    I always found the third run of the week the best; probably because I knew that meant I would be moving on to the next week πŸ˜„

    You only have 7 more runs to go now to graduation 😁

  • Well done for pushing through! If I ever felt like I needed to stop I would make a really conscious effort to slow down. Even when you don't think you can go any slower you can always slow down a bit more!

    You're doing great, so close to that magical 30 minutes! Keep at it!

  • Great work! Totally agree about swaggering during the last 5 min walk! 😊

  • Thanks everyone haven't been on here for a few days because of not being well. Back on the mend and did W7R3 yesterday somehow enjoyed it to the end and ran in full non stop heavy rain. I wish the weather would do one.

    Good day to you all. :)

  • Well done Josepha 😊. With no breaks in your runs now, would recommend that when you have completed your warm up and start to run, just take the first few mins really really slowly. It may feel silly but will help when you get to about 10 mins in. Your body needs to get enough oxygen into your bloodstream to cope with the exertion and will benefit from the gentle start. You probably already know this but thought i would mention this top tip....😊😊

    Go you... you're a proper runner. 25 mins non stop is fantastic.

  • Thanks Jan appreciate the advice, yes I never thought I would be class as a runner still trying to believing in it. Oh I always go very slowly to start with and find a comfortable pace and breathing rhythm that would get me to the 10 minutes or half way mark, usually I wait for Laura to say you are half way then I would push a little then slower my pace again if I feel I'm going a bit too fast.

    I never thought I would love running as I do now. Just hope I don't get too obsess with running. :) x

  • There are worse things to be addicted to Josepha... 😊 its great that you love your running and gain so much from it. I do too!

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