W7R2 Gremlins of mammoth proportions!

I probably shouldn't have gone for my run tonight - hindsight is a wonderful thing isn't it?

I was up at 2am today after around 2.5 hours sleep and didn't go back to bed until this afternoon, when at 3pm I gave in and went for a 2 hour nap. I felt okay after that, had something to eat, pottered around a bit doing a bit of housework and felt ready to run when hubby got back from playing 5 a side football.

I was obviously kidding myself as it was tough almost from the off and the gremlins were huge and very noisy. It would have been oh so easy to just stop. When hubby said ' That's it' when the 25 minutes were up I could have cried with relief- I don't think I could have run another step tonight as it was such hard work.

As I've read on here though- a bad run is better than no run, and I'm amazed that I was within a few metres of my usual distance.

On a cheerier note, I tried a new route tonight in order to avoid a road that has become something of a bugbear. It was much better lit, with fewer tree roots in the pavements and the roads were less winding. On a better day, with more sleep I think that I will enjoy it.


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  • If you did it after all that, you need to be very proud of your determination. Another run done - keep it up! Julie

  • Thanks Julie. It was definitely one of the tougher runs - not quite as bad as week 1 though! Can't believe that I'm almost on week 8.

  • Ah you did it though ! Big tick , file it away in the completed file , job done ! :-)

    Well done !

    Onwards, always ! :-) xxx

  • Thankyou!

    I think I only managed it because I didn't want to have to repeat it. It was definitely one of those runs done with gritted teeth.

  • Fantastic effort.

    That's the difference between winners and losers.

    Richatdvc phoning the medal shop on your behalf !

  • Thanks Richard. It was tough. Can't do run 3 until Sunday this week as hubby is doing Tough Mudder tomorrow with our son-in-law and we're going to cheer them on ( it's hubby's 2nd, and s-i-l's 3rd). The way my legs feel after walking 3 miles today I think that may be a blessing!

  • The best thing is you managed to keep going to the end. Next time will be easier.

    Well done.

  • Thankyou. I was fighting with myself most of the way round, convincing myself that I shouldn't stop and walk as it would take me longer to get home!

  • Exactly, a bad run is better than no run at all! Good for you for pushing through :-)

  • Good on you for sticking to it!!!!

  • Thankyou. It was such hard going- my legs felt like they were wading through treacle!

  • It's really good you went out. It solidifies your grit and determination, and helps you to avoid excuses later. Of course, if you want to treat yourself to a nice downhill run next session, some of them have to be just as easy and fun as this one was tough and trying.

  • Thankyou!

    A downhill run with my dodgy knees would be more torture than fun! I think I'm about due an enjoyable run though - fngers are crossed for Sunday which will be when I'm able to do W7R3.

  • Wow Eastofthegate, you call that a bad run? I wouldn't, I'd call it an epic run. Think about it this way: you were really tired, you'd had precious little sleep and then you embarked on a 25minute run *AND* you completed it! The gremlins were out in force but you still completed it. To me, that speaks of grit, determination and a certain bloodymindedness. You had the strength of mind (and body) to continue and force yourself to finish. A bad run? Definitely not! More like a tough, hard, mentally challenging but absolutely epic run, that you can store up and feel proud of! Well done :)

  • Thankyou! I never really thought of it like that, though I did say to hubby on the warm-down walk ' at least I did it, despite everything'. He's very proud of me - I think I need to learn to be a bit more proud of my efforts!

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