Waikiki 5 K

 Waikiki 5 K

I normally wake early - but the morning after a 9 hour flight, I woke at 6.30 AM (Geez - I am getting old!!). So - a quick change had me onto the beach at Waikiki 15 minutes later- and WHO ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE? AND WHY ARE THEY GETTING IN MY WAY AS I DO AN EASY 5K ALONG THE WAIKIKI ESPLANADE. There are too many fitness freaks here for me - -walking,running - it's worse than San Francisco . I thought that all Americans are supposed to be fat and cant run - definitely not here! But I do like it - I can see why it is so popular! I will definitely get in another run tomorrow morning before we leave Oahu.

C25K did this to me!!

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  • You get to run in some fantastic places Bazza! Enjoy.

  • It's great running by the sea innit? Lucky you, running your way around the world...have you plotted all the places you've run on a map?

  • Genuinely globe-trotting! Fab post Bazza :-)

  • My stereotypical view of Americans is that they fall into two discrete groups. Obese or ultra-thin fitness fanatics - so I wouldn't be surprised at an overcrowded seafront early in the morning. I hope they get out of your way for your run tomorrow!

    Strangely, none of the many Americans I know fall into either of these categories (OK, perhaps one would be in the former group), but somehow the image remains....

  • You definitely need to make the most of it! Enjoy

  • Honolulu eh? Long way to go just for a run Bazza.

  • wow...you are a very cosmopolitan runner, what a delightful place to run :)

  • Much quieter this morning - went out earlier before Dawn. Very humid however - about 98% and 24C.

  • I was there in October last year, Bazza, and did exactly the same. Great place to run but you do have to navigate around the 'tourists'. Enjoy!

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