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Mini review - Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless headphones

Mini review - Plantronics BackBeat FIT wireless headphones


To follow on from my mini review last week of the Yurbuds Liberty wireless headphones, which I've ultimately decided I didn't like, I'm now posting a review of the ones I got to replace them.

Having gotten quickly frustrated with the constant Bluetooth connection interruptions with the Yurbuds, I had a look around for some others to try and found the Plantronics Backbeat FIT. There were quite a few reviews of them and the majority were pretty favourable so I ordered a pair.

As you can (hopefully) see from the pic, they're the behind-the-ear-wraparound variety. Pic isn't mine, it's from the Plantronics website - They come in 2 colours, the blue that I have and a bright green.

First impressions were excellent, they are extremely well packaged. In the box you get the headphones (obviously), a quick start guide, a "for your safety" booklet, a usb charging cable (only the cable no wall adapter) and a reversible storage pouch that can be turned inside out and made into an armband for your phone.

I already have an armband (or 2) and it doesn't look like the included one would fit my phone anyway, so in my case that will just be used as a storage pouch for the headphones and charging cable.

The headphones themselves are really light and all coated in a nice smooth rubber like material. They feel really nice in the hand. The wraparound band is very flexible so packing them away for storage is no problem.

I did find them a little fiddly to put on at first, but after a couple of goes I got the knack. They are very comfortable to wear, and so light you hardly notice them.

I gave them a quick test before putting them on charge for the night and was pleased with the initial results. Some of the reviews say that they're not very loud, but I didn't find that at all. They quite happily went up to a volume level that I found uncomfortable.

Out on my run this morning they performed really well. They didn't move or slip at all. They were plenty loud enough even with the volume set to just below the middle of their range, I could hear the music on the podcast with no problem. The design of them is such that they don't fit in the ear canal, they direct the sound at it. It means you can still hear a decent amount of ambient noise, which is what I wanted for when running beside roads.

Best of all, there were no skips or cut outs, the Bluetooth connection remained solid for the entire time I was using them. :D

I'm going to be keeping these and returning the Yurbuds.

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Oh excellent! My yurbuds kept cutting out and having problems with the right ear always falling out. I must have odd shaped ears! Might see about getting me some of these


Quick follow up after using them for parkrun on Saturday. They were great. Stayed in place, hardly knew they were there. Could hear Zombies Run with no problems and still hear when people were coming up to lap me (grrr).

Definite keepers.


right, I have followed your example and bought a pair of these too! I have given up on my yurbuds - they fell out at 6k today with the right earbud still actually in my ear (!!!) - they are getting returned to the shop asap. Guess they just don't agree with me and my sweaty ears haha


Let me know how you get on with them. I'm still really pleased with mine.

Which colour option did you go for?


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