Some decorum in the forum! Advice please on trail shoes and wireless headphones

Nothing to do with decorum, just liked the words together! Thank you to those who have given me a little bit of advice already, but could you let me know if you have trail shoes, what make etc. Having gone along my now favourite route which was rather boggy on Tuesday, I ran the Scottish flag route on Thursday and went slippy slidy in the mud. Today I shall try a loop. I don't mind so much about my feet getting wet, it's more the grip underfoot for my "winter tyres" that I am looking for.

On to wireless headphones, thought as I seem to be struggling keeping my wired ear buds in due to arms swinging and knocking them out of my ears, I should invest in some wireless ones or maybe put them on my Christmas list! So any suggestions of make and where to buy gratefully received.

Will attempt a post later today of my run report. And I am going to attempt a prΓ©cis!

πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸ»πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ Happy running everyone!


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  • Snap I just looking at wireless headphones I was in currys & they have a few good ones but Amazon better cheaper & at least have the reviews! I have sports headphones that clip round your ears & I'd get that with my wireless ones as they are terrific!! I'm interested in the trail shoes too as I'm planning running in the woods at weekends as there are some lovely woodland routes up here but I'm scared of wet leaves & slipping "at my ageπŸ˜‚" so il be keeping an eye on this post!! Good to get advise from the experts😊 happy running everyoneπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸ˜Šx

  • I have a five year old pair of sports headphones. Love them, and although it would be neat to not have wires, I like that there's one item less to charge. Also, when I take my buff or top layer off while running, it's good to know there's a piece of string attached so the headphones don't accidentally get lost. Other people might be less clumsy than me lol

  • What make of sport headphones do you have? I just have ordinary ones, and they don't last 5 minutes... a techy friend says it's all the bumping as I run, makes the wires drop off....he recommends sport ones, but I have no idea what to get...

  • They're Sony ones. They got rave reviews 5 years ago and cost a small fortune - as in 30 quid or thereabouts. Don't know the model name though. But it's the kind with a plastic loop you wrap around your ear, so they're not falling anywhere regardless of how much bumping or sweating there is involved.

  • Thank you Tomas. I shall look into these.

  • Have you thought of feeding your wires down your running top? That's what I do...

  • I did wonder if I could try that. I'll do that next time, thanks Curlygurly2 :)

  • I read a recent review t'other day , top 10 trail shoe.shoe . first place was a pearl izumi, nike kerra tiger was up there

    Get one most suited to the terrain. mud is soft but rocky is something else. do your home work to get the something most suited to your conditions Some shoes have crash pads for stoney, rocky surfaces, for example ☺

    I thread my £3.99 Lidl ear phones down the back of my tee, under my bra and into the back of my running tights. Problem solved ☺

  • Genius on both counts mw, Thank you very much. My ear buds are under Β£3 from Amazon. I don't have a tee or long sleeved top with places for the wires to go, but I can certainly thread them down the back! I'll now check out that website. Many thanks misswobble πŸ˜€

  • My cheapo lidl earphones are better than my Sony ones, which expired pretty quick. the lidl ones sound as good and still going strong after nearly 3 years

  • My cheapo ones are really great too, don't have any problem with sound quality at all, just drop out of my ears!!

  • Threading it round the back and under your bra keeps it snug so it doesn't slip off your shoulder. I put my walkman on the mp3 player before threading as the weight of it helps it fall down like a plumb bob 😊

  • Oh that is just so clever! I'll try that with my phone, thanks again. I'll also try my buff which I haven't used for running yet, instead of my beanie hat, as a headband, it might be better at keeping my ear buds in.

  • The dropping out of the ears is overcome by dint of a headband. I fold my buff down by a quarter and it holds them firmly in place.

    A buff can be folded or be twisted etc into an finite number of possibilities (see Buff video)

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