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I'm having problems with my headphones!! I wear the ear bud type, that fit inside my ear. That bit is fine, they stay put. The problem I'm having is with the cable. I find that when I run the cable 'bangs' against my body and that seems to echo in the headphones and that's all I can hear. I have to have poor Laura turned up so loud that I'm surprised that she's not lost her voice!! If anyone else has had this problem then let me know or if anyone can recommend headphones, for small ears, that don't 'bang' that would be great.

Also I feel I'm progressing well with C25K. Last night I completed W4R2 and have to say it wasn't too bad. I'm always glad when I finish a run, because I will have done my best to talk myself out of it before I go!! I seem to struggle mentally when I'm running. I know that I can run (have completed the programme before) but my brain is always telling me I can't. So any tips on how to conquer this would be appreciated?

Sorry to ramble.

Thanks for reading x

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I have some new earbuds and I'm in love! They are yurbuds and they fit perfect (I have small ears too). Yurbuds are designed for workouts, so they don't hurt or fall out (sweat resistant too).

They do a range specifically for ladies (so they are smaller and come in amazing colours).

I've never had a problem with the cable making a banging noise though...? Could you tuck it into your top or underneath something?

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I feel your pain! I used sony ones but they broke. Their lidl replacement, using the smallest of the 3 supplied buds keep falling out despite being clamped to my head with a headband. It drives you crazy doesn't it. I thread them down my back which keeps them out the way which helps

I think i will have to fork out £9.99 for the sony some of the prices are mental!

Are you using the smallest bud size ?

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I have been thinking of getting these. amazon.co.uk/Soundpeats-Lig... They are Bluetooth headphones and therefore the only cable is between the ears themselves so you can put it behind your neck so it will not come down your side etc. You can only get them on Amazon for some reason, so worth the investment.

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AliPruGraduate in reply to mbardon

Ooh I like those!

I have a set like this: ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Stereo... which are great - lightweight and do a perfectly good job for very little money - but I find they sometimes bob up and down at the back a bit.

Might have to invest in some of those Amazon ones!

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I always thread the cord underneath my top layer so it stays pretty much in place, that might help?

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TomasGraduate in reply to 5kOrBust

Yep, I do exactly the same

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PrincessStefGraduate in reply to Tomas

where do you keep your phone/ipod? I keep mine on my arm , although I have very small arms and it keeps falling down. I use my phone and although I have a pocket in the bum of my running tights I like to stop strava as soon as I stop running, I am not sure I can get my phone out of my pocket without looking like an idiot, also I am a bit sweaty by the time I finish running and the top of my tights are soaking wet so not sure this would be good for my phone :)

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TomasGraduate in reply to PrincessStef

I used to have one of those arm bands as well. Takes forever to get the phone out of when you've got sweaty fingers, doesn't it?

Nowadays I've got a running belt with a zippered pocket where the phone goes (and it also holds the house key, two water bottles, spare room for a rolled up rain jacket).

I bought it after having tried the bum pocket. I found it VERY annoying to have the phone bumping against my bum as I was running, so that was a no-goer for me.

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PrincessStefGraduate in reply to Tomas

I never even thought about it bumping my bum :(. I may have to invest in a belt :)

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5kOrBustGraduate in reply to PrincessStef

I wear a pair of shorts (over my tights) that have pockets. iPod goes in one pocket, phone in the other.

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PrincessStefGraduate in reply to 5kOrBust

that's a good idea. I really haven't thought things through. The answer is so simple really :)

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Zev1963Graduate in reply to Tomas

me toooo :)

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Many thanks for all your replies.

I now have a confession to make!!

I didn't realise that my earphones came with different size buds!! (How thick am I !!).

After a rummage in my 'drawer', which is where you can find anything and everything!!

I found replacement buds. I've changed them on my headphones to the smallest I could find. I put them in and had run around indoors (rest day today) and they don't seem to 'bang'. They might be different outdoors, I'll see what happens tomorrow?

Still struggling with the mental bit though?

Will keep you posted x

I have a related problem whereby sometimes If I am doing arm movements (boxing etc) while running, my cuff will catch in the cable and suddenly yank the headphones out, which is always an unpleasant shock, both aurally and physically. I am thinking of going over to the bluetooth type ones as mentioned by mbardon.

I do also find that the normal type earphones never stay inside my ears: I have to either use the over ear ones, or have them strapped in place by my Buff.

Am looking forward to summer and running without the tyranny of sound again.

When I was younger I read a book called The Inner Game of Tennis which talks all about quietening the mind. It's a really interesting read and gives lots of tips and insights into getting the negative mind to shut up!

If I'm struggling in my run and my mind is telling me that I can't do it, I try hard to imagine the feeling I get when I finish a run and the sense of pride I get at achieving it...then I imagine that voice shouting louder than the negative one. Soon your mind is telling you you can do it and you will do it.

Sounds a bit silly writing it all down...but give it a go! Also, the article on the NHS website by the triathlete giving her top tips is good to read, she too has to talk to herself!!

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I have some of these ebay.co.uk/itm/Black-Stereo... which are serving their purpose really well.

When I'm having a stupid day and forget to charge them up, I run the cable for my wired headphones so they go up the back of the sleeve of my top and then put them in my ears so any excess cable is at the back of my neck.

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I had this problem using the earbuds provided with my phone and realised it came from the microphone banging against my top as I ran. The solution was to replace them with similar, but designed just for listening. (I get cheap SONY ones, they seem to last about a year. Everyone in our house now gets a new pair of a different colour as a stocking filler. To prevent "borrowing" and breaking by the kids, and rows about who's are who's)

Another useful tip I got here - tuck the spare cable under your bra strap - keeps everything nice and still. (sorry guys, don't know what the equivalent is)

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The sweat proof ones sound good!

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I kept yanking the cable out too, so got some Bluetooth phones, and they have ear hooks to keep the phones in. Work great but the battery life isn't that good for phones and for my iPhone

I got this one, but haven't used them enough yet to recommend them


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I got a free pair of Bluetooth earphones last year when I subscribed to a running magazine - they are absolutely wonderful, no cables, perfect sound. (Previously my problem with the normal cables was when I wanted to remove layers of clothing whilst running - really difficult with a cable, usually ending up in a tangled mess!) The Bluetooth 'phones have over ear 'wires' which don't fit me well (not actually sure I'm using them correctly), but I wear a buff as a headband over them and everything stays in place perfectly! You need to remember to charge them though - I forgot once and the music stopped halfway through my run!

The Bluetooth earphones are quite expensive but I saw similar ones for less than £20 recently in tkmaxx so might buy a back-up pair. I wouldn't be without them now!

I love my Damson Headbones - Bone Conduction Bluetooth Headphones - I can still hear animals/traffic when I'm listening. They were a little uncomfortable for the first week, but I wear them 8 hours a day now & I never needed to adjust them when running on road or off-road. The only issue I had was that they can catch at the back if you wear a high collar.

Available on Amazon (£25 to £99): goo.gl/EKW5Sy

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