Couch to 5K

W2R1 - Completed, albeit w/the stitches

Since W1R3 wasn’t too tough on me, I thought that W2R1 might not be too hard, since it’s just an extra 30 seconds of running, followed by an extra 30 seconds of brisk walking to compensate. Of course, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded, and I did get the stitches (which has always been the case when I used to run a lot on the treadmill a long time ago). However, I somehow managed to complete it, and am feeling even more accomplished! Woohoo!

Surprised as I am to say this, I think I’m starting to become addicted to my early morning runs! I’m looking forward to my next run on Saturday and hoping that the stitches won’t hurt too much during W2R2

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Well done blob.

Nice long deep breaths to avoid/counteract the stitches.


Also hydrate in advance. Drink lots of water before a run, especially the day before. Slow down if you feel a stitch coming on and concentrate on breathing deeply and slowly. You can beat those stitches!!


Fabulous job, SB! Glad you're enjoying it - keep at it :-D


Well done :)


Flippin stitches!!!

Well done, keep at it!!!!


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