Cold - to run or not?

Been sneezing since Friday so wondered whether to run today or not. I had been thinking about doing the Beyond 5k facebook run in memory of grandparents. Got up this morning and decided it was wirth a go.

So glad I did. I saw a red Kite, 4 deer, lots of rabbits and squirrels and covered just over 5 miles (8.5k) in an hour. Lots of advice saying not to run and others that if it is a head cold then it's ok but anything else don't. My calf is behaving so I want to try to keep building on it.

Good luck to our Marathon runners today in Manchester and Plymouth and hope you all have great runs today.


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  • Sounds like a lovely run GF. So glad things are continuing to improve. You sound like you've well and truly left the IC behind :) :)

  • Thanks EM definitely improving. Physio warned I have to keep stretching and exercising as the temptation is to forget about the stretches once things feel better

  • Great start to the day! Sounds lovely. Hoping to do that run myself later too for grandparents. Hope your sneezes don't develop into full man flu!

  • Thanks Lou. Good luck with your run

  • Just did it. Was lovely. Thought about them all the way round. Felt quite emotional actually. I love running. :)

  • Ah great- Sure you wouldn't notice the miles tick by with all that wildlife,sounded lovely and like u made the right decision,just don't be going too mad too soon :) *sensiblehead

  • Thanks WK it's the hills that make it seem longer

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