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I am back - Again!

So far, so good! I am giving it another go after being off with a calf injury etc., I completed W1R2 last night and managed it with ease :)

Previously, I did some of the running on a treadmill and some outside with the dog, depending on the weather and each time my calf went in W2R2 so this time, I am staying in the gym on the treadmill and hopefully, I will get further.

I am making an extra effort with warming up and cooling down this time as I think I may have become slightly complacent in this area previously.

Watch this space :)

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Welcome back! You know what to expect this time, so I'm sure you'll be doing great.

Sounds like a good plan with the extra effort in warm up and cool down. I think this is where many of us fall short and cause ourselves injuries.

Happy running!


Hey, great to see someone else is back. Me too (post of my own with the same name). :)


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