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Back again...again

I am running again...I completed Week 4 yesterday (for the third time recently) and I am so pleased to be out again.

I posted a little while ago that I had hoped to start running with my daughter, but she really didn't enjoy running outside. She is doing interval training on our treadmill and is getting on quite well with that. She hopes that at some point she may join me outside. The exercise is definitely helping her depression though, even if it just giving her something to focus on regularly.

We decided to try cycling together and bought new bikes. The first outing was today and boy was it hard! The calorie burn is nice though, but whilst I was cycling I was thinking I would rather be running!

I am looking forward to building up my running and being able to run 5k again. Also looking forward to reading everyone's progress reports :0)

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Hey runningknitter. Good on you for getting out there again AND for cycling too. You and your daughter are going to be as fit as fleas in no time! :)

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I remember you RK :). But I'm not very good at keeping in regular touch on this here place - I have bursts then life gets in the way and I taper off.. I always read the headlines though on my morning email (my fave email to be honest :) )and have been quite good (for me) of late..

Welcome back. Good skills cycling along with running. I find cycling really hard work. And just too dangerous - I refuse to cycle on the road which is a bit limiting.. give me running any day!

I bet you'll be running 5k again in no time :) xx

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I only come on here in fits and starts or find it takes over! The cycling proved very hard today. I understand about cycling on the roads, I have been a bit nervous about it, especially as a cyclist was killed nearby on Friday :0/. We live in a fairly quiet area as well.

Thank you - I am looking forward to getting to the magic 5 :0)


Hiya RK, I wondered what had happened to you :-)

I thought you were knitting a very very long scarf or something and couldnt be disturbed ha ha :-)

Right oh Missus, step away from those knitting needles and get back on track !

Good to hear from you again

Keep posting and letting us know how youre going on :-) xxx

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You do make me laugh PP. I have been doing a bit of knitting again lol, but not as much as I used to.

Back out again tomorrow for the start of week 5 :0)


Welcome back runningknitter. I remember you too. Good for you for getting back again and enjoy the ride!

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