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X-socks review

X-socks review

Well everybody good evening and welcome to my sock review. If you have smelly vision then turn it on now ready for the video. With regards to the v log please only watch it after 9pm water shed as it has an 18 rating :)

Anyway this is the X-socks run speed two.

First of all they are actually marked L and R this is because they are fitted with a system underneath which is supposed to help draw air into the under side of your foot and then blow it up the sides. Does this work :( not that I've noticed yet !! It does however provide a bit of Achilles' tendon support up the side of your ankles.

The socks also have an antibacterial lining which is supposed to keep them smelling fresh does this work :) it sure does. I have had a battle with the wife as she has wanted to wash them every time I go out lol but I wanted to do the test. I had to compromise with her and after the v log I had to surrender them for a wash........ But I wore them five times in a row and covered 14 miles of gruelling sweaty feet and they still didn't pong un like my work socks after 20 minutes in my work shoes :)

Other than that they are a nice bright colour and add to the running gear nicely. I brought 2 pairs and they are all I ever wear for running in other than my asics of cause.

So.. Pro's.......... Good side support, battle the smell well, good if you go for a weekend away and can't carry to much stuff and nice colours.

Cons......... Expensive at around £14 a pair !!!!!!!!!!

Do they do exactly what it says on the tin NO.

But do they last..... Well I've done over 100 miles in them now and they are still as comfortable and supportive as the day I got them so I would say Yes.

Other than that sports direct do 6 pairs of sport socks for a fiver. So the choice is up to you :) J

Ps don't forget this is a hideous v log. I did it for Aliboo as she told me I had to :)

Don't worry I wasn't in A & E for to long 😊

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All you need to do now is wear them to work!

Thank you for a very entertaining, informative post and video. Of course, it is totally irrelevant to me as I am a lady and therefore do not have smelly feet!


Hey jase twinny

love the vid😀and sniff test! must admit my socks do go straight in the wash but i have been know to do the sniff test on vests and tops!"hmm, yeah, that'll do another session !" Hope this is not just me ! !

Ive got 2 R/L pairs from SD, around £6 for the two, yours sound very posh! 1 pair of compression socks from" more miles" 1 pair of "1000 miles" double layer socks , posher! Were a xmas pressie, guaranteed no blisters for 1000 miles!

Happy running jase, which bit of kit next .?

love Aliboo 😃

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Not to sure Ali. I have shoes. Clothing and tomtom cardio runner gps watch. That's all really. I like the thought of the 1000 mile socks perhaps a review of those if you get a chance :) J


I think we have found our resident comedian! Funny :D PS you have very posh socks


Cheers G wish the body was as posh and fit lol :) J


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