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I'm shocked at the distance my running shoes have covered, do you keep track of your mileage?

I bought a lovely pair of ASICS when I was on week 4 of C25K and ran in nothing else until last year when I bought a second pair of the same. Now I always logged my runs once I had completed C25K using GoodRunGuide. The programme gives you the option to log and track your shoes which I did.

Total kilometres covered in 2011 100K (only part of the year)

" " " in 2012 375K (got my Garmin in Sept and stoped using GRG)

Total K's logged last year and this on Garmin another 200K's approx, divided between the two pairs, = 100K. Now added to that total is all the walking that I never log, probably double the distance.

So to sum up kilometres my trusty ASICS have covered would be about - well time I bought another new pair would you agree?

Do you keep track on the miles covered, they say you should replace every 500 miles!!!!

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Yes, I'm tracking, on MapMyRun, my own spreadsheet (thanks Ned for starting me off on that one, it's become an absolute obsession) and now I'm all Garmined up, on that site as well.

I track my walks as well (but not to and from work) but don't generally use my running shoes for anything other than running. And now the push bike has been out a couple of times that's being added in (did I say I was getting obsessed?).

June's totals so far are: Running outside 46.77k

Running treadmill 9.68k

Walking 35.22k

Bike rides 27.48k

Total running this year (treadmill and outside) 479.98k!!!! Blimey!

Going on the 500 miles for shoes (what I was told when I got them as well) I figured that 3 runs a week times 5k (3 miles) give or take equated to about a year's worth of running for the shoes. So am aiming to replace them in the summer holidays (bought them towards the end of August last year). I'm running a bit more tough at the moment, obsessed with how the figures are adding up, so may have to think about it sooner, though I'm watching out for aches and pains in legs/feet/shins to get a bit of notice of them wearing out.


tough?? Should have been 'though'!


The reason I started totaling up GRG & my Garmin was at the end of a 5K run my legs were a bit more tired than when using my newer pair. It was the latest run which was on stoney track when I was feeling the stones that made me look at the useage they had had!! Shock horror, I don't think using them would lead to injury but long term use could have. Will start looking for another pair but will hang onto these for using with snow spikes.


Hmm, you've started something now Oldgirl! I'd never thought to add up the distance my shoes had covered but.... Hmm. I've only recently topped 100K per month. Since I started keeping records I was averaging 54K a month but boughgt the shoes as a graduation present in March 2012 so on that basis they've done around 810K, aka 502 miles. Funnily enough, I did notice some wear inside them last time I put them on!


Ha! I've just played around on Garmin Connect and found I can see my totals for the years, month, etc on the Calendar page. I got my Garmin running watch in October 2013 about a month after completing C29K, so have my totals from then onwards.

In Oct to Dec 2012 I ran 87 km and from Jan to May 2013 I've done 502 km. I reckon I did about 80 km in Sept/Oct 2012.

So my running shoes have done a total of about 670 km since finishing C25K, plus whatever distance I did in the nine weeks of the programme, minus about 50km for the runs done in my trail shoes.


You're doing well if you got your Garmin in October 2013, do you know The Doctor?





I've just found the 'Lifetime' stats on MapMyRun.

I've run 161.44k over 43 runs on the treadmill and 587.14k over 114 runs outside, giving my shoes a total of almost 750k (467 miles) since I started logging at the back end of August last year (about a week or two before I got my shoes).

(Awwww, it's like looking at baby photos, going back to those runs. W3R1 I covered 2.72k, that was shattering back then, it's more like a stroll now!)


Well I'm just thinking that we all tend to forget that all this running is wearing out slowly our comfortable running shoes, which could in turn lead to injuries.

So once I have bought my third pair I'm going to start saving by putting £1 away for every run/walk that I do using either the older or new pair. That way it won't be such a shock when I have to find the money for new ones. It makes sense to keep track of the mileage which was very easy with GRG as you could log your activity to your shoes, Garmin just totals your activity not sure if there is a way of shoe logging perhaps we should ask them to build it into the programme!! Just to clarify I alternate my shoes with runs, I keep my newer pair for all pavement runs and my older pair for forest work and wet days.


UPDATE for Garmin users. I've sent an email request to Garmin asking if their software can have the shoe logging option added to it so that runners can track their usage mileage. Request was for more than one pair to be tracked at any given time.

Will just have to wait and see if they think its important enough to add it to their software or not. Will keep you updated on the outcome.


I've only got the one pair and it will probably stay that way, though when they retire from running this pair will be used for walking (I'll need to make sure the new pair are a different colour or have different laces or something). If you remind me in a week or two I'll email them as well, more than one request would be better, though too many at one time and they'll think we're ganging up on them!


Great Beads will do. I bought the same ASICS but they came in a different colour. I've no intentions of throwing my old ones out, they will be used for walking and running in the snow with spikes for another year at least. I have to confess when I get something thats comfortable on my feet I use and use them and my running shoes are very often used for afternoon walks with hubby which are always about 5K.


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