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You know you are a real runner when...


Since doing the C25k I have been using the one pair of (pristine white) running socks, washing, drying and getting them ready for the next outing. Yesterday I put them in the wash with the dark clothing and now they are a muddy grey colour,

I also cycle, and used to ride a motorbike. More experienced than me said you only become a ‘real’ cyclist/motorbike rider after you’ve fallen off. (I fell off both)

So, do you become a ‘real’ runner when you are in tatty running gear and grey socks that used to be white?

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I guess you are 😂. I have a black and a white pair of socks for running... they are starting to converge into a nice grey already, which will make pairing them up a little easier in one way, but in the other I got to make sure I have a left and a right.


I came off a Suzuki GS500 once. I’d prefer to have grey 🧦 socks. At least you don’t dislocate your hip, break your collar bone and crack 5 ribs with grey socks.😀

Teresa1632Graduate in reply to damienair

My first fall was off a Suzuki GS500 too. Slightly off camber at a junction and dropped the bike. Then couldn’t lift it... this guy got out of his car to help with the words “Are you alright mate”. Followed by “oh it’s a woman...” Me: “Just help me lift the bike”. Sold the Suzuki soon after and bought a TZR250 just for the smell of two stroke

No injuries, just dented pride!


You must have been so 😡 it’s a lovely colour on your photo though - I guess you can think of it now matching every outfit. 🤣🤣🤣

Teresa1632Graduate in reply to MVBrown

Might have to go out and buy another pair. 🤣

BluebirdrunnerGraduate in reply to Teresa1632

More socks means more running and less washing!😊x

Yes, wear them with pride! They still work and so do you!😄xx

Teresa1632Graduate in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Yep, kind of a badge of honour - no pristine gear means I’ve finally graduated 🤣🤣

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