The title of this blog could be a description of the Lib Dems! How very topical eh?

Anyway, this mornings run was not good. Or bad for that matter. But I am fighting a cough and some sort of viral infection in my chest and I've been trying to ignore it. Alas, Mrs Dan has assured me that although I may be trying to ignore it it aint that easy for her, listening to me cough every five minutes and disturbing her sleep as well! You know what it's like - you lie there in the dark, trying to get to sleep and there's this tickle at the back of your throat. You know if you cough it will be 1000 decibels in volume, so you try and stay motionless, willing the bast**d tickle to go away. You try and do a quiet little throat clearance but it doesn't work. Suddenly the tickle is too much. Five thousand tiny germs dressed in feathered costumes start to party in your throat and do the **cking can can!! There's nothing for it but to COUGH LOUDLY!!!


"Sorry. That's it now. Promise"

"Hmmm...." snoozed Mrs Dan.

Before you know it, the entire scenario happens all over again. Bummer. ANyway, had a crap nights sleep and got up and immedistely put on my running gear. Mrs Dan enquired as to whether going for a run was a good idea.

"I'm fine now...(cough)'ll do me good....(cough)..."

I should have listened to her because.....she is always right! It comes with being a female I think. Anyway, stubborn old donkey Dan set off on my 8K training run. The weather was absolutely incredible. The air temp was about 18C, the sun shone, the Thames looked resplendent with quite a few boats bobbing about. There were quite a few strollers out enjoying the morning sunshine so I was looking forward to breathing the air and absorbing as much vitamin D as I could.

Decided to run towards Ham House today on the opposite side of the river to my normal route. Well, you gotta mix it up a bit don't cha? After 2K I was beginning to regret going for a run at all. The bloody lurghy was dragging me down and I couldn't get on top of the run at all. At 4K I turned back to head home, back along the same route. I awarded myself a recovery walk at this point because frankly, I was ***ked!

Started again and made it to Richmond bridge where I had to slow again for a walk. I was trying not to think of being unwell because I wanted to complete this run as part of My Asics HM Training Plan. I started running again and found some pace in my muscles at last. I tonked along the river towards Richmond Lock and mounted the steps at the footbridge. A couple of ferries were phut phut phutting along the river looking very serene and I attempted to keep up with one of them going my way. I just about did too before it was time to stop.

Had to admit to my darling wifelette that she had in fact been right and I shouldn't have gone out today. I felt like sh*t and almost mainlined a lemsip right there and then! She gave me one of her knowing looks as I climbed Mount Stairs to the bathroom to have a hot shower. It was now midday and I didn't want to lounge around like I usually do in the jacuzzi, so after a quick shower I made myself a post run snack and got my papers together for a visit to my boring accountant on Thursday.

So I may just not do Fridays run if I feel like this. I'm sure it didn't do me any harm, but it's always good to listen to your body really isn't it. After listening to your wife that is.......

Until we meet again

Yer pal



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42 Replies

  • Great post as always Dan, sorry to hear about the dreaded Lurgy. Listen to wife first - definitely.

  • You're so right. I should know better...

  • Another great post as always Dan. Yes listen to your wife. Get well soon.

  • Thanks Zev.....aaaaachooooo!!

  • à tes souhaites

  • oops à tes souhaits

  • Sounds like the perfect weather and place for a run so I'm sorry you weren't well enough to make the most if it. Those coughs are b******* they just creep up on you. Just make sure you don't overdo stuff. One missed run is better than loads coz you overdid it. Hope you're well soon x :-)

  • Thanks N-e. Appreciate that.

  • Sorry to hear about your illness, Dan. It sounds like you're almost suffering from that dreaded disease that kills thousands each year: Man-flu. Better listen to the wifelette.

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  • MAN FLU! Yes that's it. Damn, I'm brave....!!

  • Oh No, not another case of the spring cough! Poor you! Better listen to Mrs Dan in future because she be a wise woman. Never run with a cough, cos you feel like cr*p during and afterwards. Get some honey and lemon down you, preferably laced with a goodly drop of rum. Kill or cure. Take care Sweetie, get well soon. :)

  • Honey and lemon is the Daddy isn't it? Espesh with a nip of brandy (my fave!)

  • Spare rooms are excellent Dan Man! My hubby is often hoyed in there as he has a stupid poxy cough just like you!!!! ;) well done for trying but yeah!! Listen to wifey!!! Yu Divint want man flu!!!! Rest!!!!! Get better!!! Soon!!!!

  • Hahaha! Once again, you make me screech with laughter at your Geordie speak! "Divant"!! Love it.

  • Speshilly fo yee pet!

  • Can cats get whooping cough? Luckily I don't have kids.....

  • I get a dry, irritating cough which I put down to being a heavy smoker in my past life if it gets ridiculous i go and get me some Pholcodeine sweets from the chemist as these work on the irritant and stop the spasm.

    Hope you feel better by Friday☺

  • Pholcodeine eh? You little beauty. I'm gonna see if I can get some.

  • Uhuuuu? YourAsicsHMPlan huh ... nice one Dan! You are a friend of distance anyway as i remember, speed too ... you'll be blasting your way through that BUT yes, Mrs Dan knows best ... ditch the cough before you make it worse. Doesn't the rule say if it's above your neck you can run and if it's below then get better before you deepen the trouble???? Imagine those gloriously fiendish 5,000 feathered germs being pushed and pulled around your respiratory system at an exerted rate ... logic says it's not very helpful!

    Get well soon tho!

    Hello by the way ...did you miss me??? I haven't been anywhere, since you so kindly ask, just never seem to get much time to peruse the interweb!

  • Of course I missed you BP! You're my number one F1 Mediterranean based running chum!

  • Hohoho that's great Dan! Still true on both counts! If you and Mrs Dan grace our shores this summer you could do your week's long run by the Med! I've realized running out as far as you plan then catching the bus back works a dream! You can even choose "into sunset sea on left" or "incinerate right arm and calf sea on right" or "midday meltdown sea either side wear hat and no direct solar hit" etc etc ... Endless options!

    Anyway hope yr cough's gone" now!

  • Honey and lemon drinks and a packet of cough sweets on the bedside. You can't fight it. Well done for getting out but these nasty bugs get us from time to time. Mrs D knows bestest.

  • Miss Wobble swears by these Pholcodeine thingys. Might try and get some now....

  • A strong brandy Dan and get Mrs Dan to run Vicks on your chest......that sounds wrong doesn't it?

  • Had a large brandy last night as a hot todday - still bloody coughed like a horse!

  • I've stopped using booze as a remedy, I find that it makes me feel much better while I'm drinking it, then much worse shortly afterwards :(

  • GWS D-Z, sounds like you wanted to check out your 10K route again!!

  • I had flashbacks C. But this time there was no-one there with a banner!! DAMMIT!

  • Now then Dan, surely you've learned by now.. Mr D will ALWAYS be right.. end of.. and how many times have we all read about 'listening to our bodies' and 'avoid running with a bad chest'..

    I too have a chesty cough (since Sunday) and I too am in training (nowhere near as massive as yours, but training nonetheless) and am desperate to not miss any runs, but I've made a conscious decision not to run until Friday - and only then if I'm feeling better - if not will wait until Monday - and if I'm not better by then, chances are I'll be banged up for murder due to non-running frustration!

    Take it steady :) xx

  • Good for you. Females are so damned sensible. Us chaps always want to steam ahead and ignore the obvious. Well....not anymore!!

  • Dan, you should know by now , theres only one way - Mrs Dans way ! :-)

    Best not run if its on your chest .

    For chesty coughs/ colds , I used to get dark rum, blackcurrant, lemonade and stick it in the microwave then stick a slice of lemon in it and then go to bed . It makes you really sweat it out , it always worked for me.

    Hope you feel better soon :-) xxx

  • Woweee! All these little cheeky home remedies that spring out of nowhere! By the is your hip?

  • Still sore, but not half as bad as what it was , thankyou.

    May try a little jogette in a coupla days just to see :-) xxx

  • Brilliant. In my line of work I spend a lot of time talking to people about their troublesome night time coughs. If I only I could tell them it's the feather clad germs doing the ****ing can can, but I'd likely get the sack!!! I shall now have to suppress a giggle as I think of that.

  • You should try that line and see what happens!! Hahaha!

  • Dan,

    Love your posts and your sense of humour is spot-on for me, I read them in a very Rik Mayall way encouraged completely by your profile pic!!


  • That is such a nice thing to say marpick! Thanks so much. I WAS and still am a massive Rick Mayall fan. Poor geezer passed away far too soon. And after a run too!! Yikes!

  • Ugh damn those germs and their tickling sticks. The golden rule is if you feel sh*te, don't run (actually I just made that up). Hope the lurgy passes quickly. Oh and by the way you were quite right about Jimi Hendrix restringing his guitar!

  • I love your philosophy on the hoof TT.

    Thought I was right about Jimi H. I think I may be the only person on planet Earth who can play guitar backwards and upside down!!

  • Check out Albert King!

  • Honey is antibiotic and slips down a treat

    Oooh i love bit of blues geeeeetar ☺

  • Pholcodeine sweets rather than the jollop! You can get it from t'chemist

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