Mrs Dan has invited her sister down from Scotland to stay with us for the weekend. She's tremendous fun, but I've GOT GOT GOT to behave with the cocktail shaker. I tend to go a bit mad when we have guests, so my cunning plan is to do my 2nd parkrun tomorrow, providing I can actually get out of bed at the right time. I've got my gear ready, so fingers crossed I'll be posting my experiences of "The Richmond Parkrun. The Return of SuperDan", tomorrow!

Right, lets mix a cocktail........



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29 Replies

  • You could make your cocktails free of, or have less of, alcohol in them. No-one will notice and you will be glad you abstained come tomorrow morning

    Presuming you make it to parkrun, all the best!

  • Errrrr.....sorry I don't understand. Were you speaking in Serbo Croat? Less alcohol?!'nnn

  • Nothing like some rocket fuel to give a helping hand! Like you, I've got to get up and out that door tomorrow for Parkrun but started with the red wine at lunch with my friend. A couple of weeks ago I nearly didn't go but it was encouragement from you that made me do it! So this forum really works- good innit! So go for it Dan and have a great run and a good evening too x

  • Thanks! X

  • *hands Mr Dan some paracetamol and shaded spectacles* In case of overdoing the beverages, those should help. Sleep in your running kit, that way you're already good to go when you wake up!

    Good luck with Parkrun number two! :-)

  • What a brilliant idea! Hahaha!!

  • Enjoy! As long as you don't do a liquid laugh over one of the nice parkrun volunteers, you'll be fine. I would be parkrunning in Richmond myself but I have a 10k race in the evening, and 15k in one day is just a step too far.

  • Ohhhhh nooo! I was banking on meeting you!!

  • That'll be a PB then if your anything like me!! Good luck!!!!

  • Juju come to richmond. I demand it!!!!

  • On way :)

  • Just made up the spare room!

  • Great... Fluffy pillows, grapes by the bed and gods to rub me down after?

  • Those AREN'T fluffy pillows!!

  • That's where I got THAT line from. Synergy baby..!!

  • Have a great night dan & 2 paracetamol & a pint of water before you retire should have you hangover free come morning , it works for me . Good luck tomorrow , looking forward to hearing about it .

  • Your recipe for a nights boozing is a good one. Kenneth Branagh advised the exact same hangover cure to me in 1996!!

  • The actor Kenneth. Branagh ?

  • The very same.

  • Oh I say didn't know you rubbed shoulders with celebrities dan . !

  • I feel the morning after the night before is ideal for a run. Its the day after that that does for me.

    So.......providing you are not running on sunday you will skoosh it (ask your sis in law) :-)

  • I'm gonna do my best!!

  • You might need your brolly as well - heavy rain is forecast! That aside, have a good day and hope you achieve a good time. Good luck and best wishes.

  • Awaiting the further adventures of super Dan :-) It is bound to chuck it down tomorrow as I'm volunteering and it does that nearly every time I do... :-(

  • hope you make it tomorrow Superdan! And your hangover is not TOO huge!!?! Sounds like fun though! My fancy dress parkrun has been postponed cos its just TOO squishy on our course, but in a way thats good cos i get an extra day off before Sundays walk!! Hope Mrs Dan and sister encourage you along if they are able to surface!! :) good luck!

  • Thanks Ali!!

  • Good Luck - Sat here nursing a hangover too!! trying to eat porridge and a banana and deciding whether my parkrun is a good idea today??? Oh well lets just rememberJuJu does it. Maybe it will serve us well too! Have fun! :)

  • As usual total RESPECT....

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