I have to be brief owing to the fact that I'm at work, just 8 hours after my super fabulous great fun 10K run this morning!

The sun beat down and the temperature was toasty. NOT ideal running conditions, but I was excited. REALLY excited! I was at the bus stop in my gear, my running number pinned to my shirt (#665) and once I got off I had a short walk to the gathering area - running HQ! I chatted to a few folk before a loud hailer told us to go to the start line. We were off!

There were 800 runners and Twickenham hadn't seen anything like this since the last fun run a year ago, but the locals and traffic were lovely and didn't bother us, despite quite a few of us running in the cycle lane along Cross Deep. The first K came in a flash - so fast in fact, that I couldn't believe we'd covered a kilometre so quickly. Same with K2. I started to wonder if the marshalls had put the markers up slightly forward of the actual distance, just to give us all a boost! I'm sure they would never do such a thing. Anyway, I was using my "going slow" method abnd it was working well. My energy levels, breathing, legs, entire body felt magnificent and I glided along not worrying about folk passing me. I would demolish them further down the line...MUUWAHH HAA HAA HAAA!!!

Sorry. Got a bit dramatic there. Anyway, K3 was over the bridge at Teddington Lock, then down the other side to join the Thames path towards Richmond Bridge - a 5K distance ahead. The path on this side of the river has quite a dense tree canopy, so after yesterdays rainy Saturday, the sun hadn't managed to evaporate the rain. Hence there were HUGE puddles and slippery sloshy mud to contend with. I had to be careful I didn't take a tumble because it was dead slippery underfoot. So many runners were sliding all over the place and covered in slimy mud up their legs. In the end I decided it was easier and used less energy to go right through the puddles as often as possible and this I did, coating my Brooks in a muddy sludge!

Once the slushy bit was over we could see Richmond Bridge. I was still going well and felt brilliant. SOme lovely Marshalls offered small samples of beer and canapes at 6K but I declined their kind offering as I didn't want to scupper my magnificent finish!! Over Richmond Bridge, people clapping, shouts of encouragement etc made me speed up. This was 8K now so only 2 to go. I joined the Thames path on the other side of the river, a route I run regularly and stepped on the gas. 9K.......almost there. Mrs Dan would be at the finish line with the camera and I couldn't wait to see her. The only bugger being, having to get home sharpish so I could get to work for a ridiculously long stint at work! I could see the finishing line. The lovely organisers had put up a long tape tunnel to run around before you went through the ACTUAL finishing line - and there was Mrs Dan whooping and a hoopin'! camera at the ready, I raised my hands above my head and drank in all the cheering, smiling at Mrs Dan as I crossed the line. The time? 58 mins 59 seconds! SOOOOOOO happy with that. She had also brought a clean T shirt to change into, a towel and a flannel which she'd put in the freezer an hour before coming out, so I had this lovely cold face towel to soothe my glowing boat race!! She's a star.

So there you have it. I enjoyed it so much and felt super duper after it too. What a delight this running lark is and how it has changed my life for the better!

I will post the piccie later hopefully.....if I ever get out of this windowless basement......

TA ra!


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13 Replies

  • Amazing post Dan and an awesome time... If only I'd known you were running that way today I would have stopped by to cheer you on!!

    You're my inspiration for my 10K in July... Well done! You must feel awesome about now (apart from the being at work thing)... :)

    I ran the YMCA to Ham House section on Friday and it was VERY muddy under those trees between the lock and Ham House - well done for not slipping over in it - it was pretty bad... Running through it was probably the best idea in the race situation...

  • Fantastic run. Fantastic post, fantastic time. Love the tip about the frozen flannel. What a great day! Now get that nose back to the grindstone ;)

  • Well done, great time

    665 .... the Neighbour of the beast ;-)

  • Goodness that sounds wonderful !

  • Sounds like a fantastic run Dan! What a great time too.

  • Wow great time dan & sounded a lovely run . Congratulations. & well done

  • Congratulations. Sounds like you had a fantastic run despite the muddy bits!!

  • WELL DONE DAN. great time, great post as ever - so pleased the racing bug has finally caught up with you -so what is next on the calendar?? Apart from basement working on a Sunday.

  • Just home from hols and yours is the first post I read - FANTASTIC!! Sounds like a brilliant run and brilliant time too! Can't wait to see the pic.

    And did you set those tags like that - loving the 'cold worrying speed head'.... ;-)

  • Well done dan! Amd Mrs Dan sounds like you had a fab time

  • great time.....and WTF.....canapes and beer???? I SO need to come back...especially as all my family seem to do your parkrun!!! Great time DF...you are THE MAN...well done, and looking forward to the pic.... :)

  • OMG done and dusted in under an hour? That's amazing. HATS OFF!!!

  • Brilliant, Mr Dan! :-) Very well done; that's a great time and something to be proud of. Love the pic too, BTW! Any more 10Ks on the horizon, now you've gloriously got that one under your running belt?

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