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1st Runniversary. A Thank you

Today is my one year 'Runniversary'. Now to a lot of people it may appear I have not advanced much and I'm certainly not in the league of those doing marathons and halves.

However let me take you back a year (Scooby Do style wibbly screen)

Week 1 Run 1 60 seconds of running. I did this in the gym because I was too scared to go outside in case anyone saw me or laughed at me.

I nearly didn't complete it. 60 seconds felt like a lifetime!

But I persevered and graduated in June. I made it outside (with a struggle!) and completed a 10km at Blenheim in October (albeit very slowly).

Then it all went pear shaped. My knee hurt a bit and I rested it. That rest went on to January this year when having put nearly a stone back on in weight I decided to get back out there with Jantastic.

I saw a physio for my knee. She 's a runner and gave me encouragement and exercises to do plus I now do strength work in the gym and a body balance class which have helped my knee.

I am now running 8km 3 times a week and am faster (though not much) than last October. I say hello to all the friendly dog walkers and other runners in the park and even have time to look at the wildlife...(though I did nearly kick a squirrel by accident this morning).

I've not really lost the weight but have trimmed up some inches and feel so much better.

The upshot is whether you are just starting out on C25K or having a break it's worth sticking it out or coming back.

I've got 2 10Ks booked (with super speedy husband - who just goes out and does 10km without breaking sweat - gnashes teeth) and hope to enter the Oxford Half Marathon in October.

Lots of plus points but today a gentleman stopped me on my way out of the park and told me how much he'd seen me improve. Made my day!

And the new 5 weeks to 5k initiative that This Morning have just launched. I can watch it and say been there done that, instead of staring longingly at the screen wishing I could run.

This is all down to C25K, Laura, dodgy music and you lovely people. ( Though I don't post much I love hearing everyone's stories) :)

Thank you!

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Happy Runniversary! ;)

What a lovely inspiration post - thanks for sharing. :)


Fantastic work! It is really nice to have people noticing an improvement. I actually miss the "pat on the shoulder" Laura gives in the first podcasts. :)


Wow happy runniversary! I would say you have advanced very well! It's great that you are back running and seeing the improvements (as are other people). Good luck with your 10ks and the HM and look after your knee x :-)


Happy runniversary, it's a great feeling isn't it!


Happy runniversary Beth. lovely post.


Happy Runniversary Beth. Very nice post :)


Happy anniversary, and thank you so much for sharing your story. What an uplifting and motivating story it is :)


Happy runniversary Beth. WhAT a c25k success story you are! Well done m'dear and good luck with those races :)


What a lovely story Beth ! Well done for overcoming the injury setbacks, youre flying now !

Many Congratulations on your Runniversary , the first of many to come :-) xxx


Congratulations Beth. A lovely post and very inspiring. And what a lovely compliment from the gentleman. That must have made you smile.

I didn't know This Morning has launched an initiative like that. Must have a look. Enjoy your next year of running.


Happy Runniversay indeed - we almost share the same date - mine is 22 April.

Like you I haven't attained the dizzy heights of others, but am still delighted with the fact that I am now a runner running pretty much 3 times a week, and am working towards 10k (although currently having a bit of a rest due to chesty cough :( ).

And extra well done for getting back on it after being on the IC. That's something I worry about - if I ever stop will I get it back?? (I managed it after 2 weeks on the IC so I'm trying not to worry too much now.. surely a 5-7 day rest will be fine..).

Good luck with your future running aspirations :) xx


Hi Beth happy runniversary! Glad to hear you're still running. Good news on the race entries! You'll enjoy them ☺ a half marathon round Oxford sounds lovely. I managed a half sò you will too. I just know it ☺


Happy anniversary. That's really inspiring. I hope I will stick at this as well. It's useful to look back sometimes and see how far we've come. X


Happy runniversary! Thanks for sharing, I too fell off the wagon a little (I didn't stop running but was down to 1-2 runs a week throughout dec and January and then did only 1 run in Feb due to being on Honeymoon) I've done my first 4miler in months tonight and it's great to hear your a little faster than last October because in 8 weeks I have a 5.7mile race and I want to beat last years time but know at the moment I can't run as far or as fast as this time last year :( you've given me hope it's doable :)


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