W9R3 - Thanks, Laura

On the 7th of May I started C25K and I was a 53 year old fat bloke with high blood pressure. Today I am a 53 year old bloke who is 14Kg (2st 3lb) lighter, is on half the BP pill dosage I was on and who today ran 5.6Km in 30 minutes.

The debt that I owe the creators/divisors of C25K is beyond all hope of me repaying it ever. In particular, I want to thank Laura who drove and cajoled me to this feat. The least I can and will do for her is to keep going and to maintain (at least) this level of fitness.

To those reading this who have just started and are finding it tough I'd say simply, trust Laura and do what she says when she says it - she knows here stuff and when she says that you can do it, you can believe her.


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23 Replies

  • Well done padfish congratulations on your fantastic achievements. Take a few weeks and find out what works for you to maintain/improve.

  • A very fine endorsement for Laura and the C25k program. I've tried other C25k apps and have found Laura and the podcasts to be more encouraging and even her voice is more pleasant than the ones on the other apps (some of which I paid for). I am in Week 6 Run 2 (tomorrow) and I feel more confident with Laura guiding me. I wished I would have heard about her a year ago. :)

  • Congratulations Padfish. You've achieved so much in such a short space of time. You should be very very proud of yourself. Now don't forget to collect your shiny graduate badge :)

  • That's brilliant! Well done! You should be incredibly proud of yourself.

  • Congratulations Padfish, I bet you can't wipe that grin off your face today....well done it's a fantastic achievement and it has obviously had a huge impact on your life re: reducing your weight and blood pressure.....brilliant. Wishing you many more happy running days.

  • Fantastic , congratulations padfish

  • You have proved, as have so many others before you, that it is possible to take control of your future health prospects and feel good about doing it. Well done, fellow runner, congratulations on your graduation and good luck in your future running.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Thanks for sharing. What a great story. Well done and happy running.

  • That's awesome! I'm on Week 3 (after about 6 weeks due to dodgy knees and taking it real slow). I really hope I make it to the end of the plan too as I love running, and am willing my knees to get through ...!

  • Fantastic inspiring post for all the newbies and make sure you keep it up you have done so well don't lose the momentum now.

  • well done and thanks for sharing. Very inspiring

  • Now join the 30 minute triathlon - go on - you know you want to!

  • Well done padfish -an impressive set of achievements!

  • A great story. Fantastic.

    Congratulations to you. Keep on running

  • Thank you: Encouraging! Overweight, EXTREMELY unfit, and did day 2 week one this morning...

  • Congratulations on your graduation and a great distance/time. Well done :)

  • That's fantastic, well done you, you must be really chuffed with yourself! Keep up the good work :)

  • Many congratulations to you padfish! That's very impressive indeed .... you're very quick!

    Many years of Cool Runnings to you! :-)

  • Whoop! Whoop! Well done! Brilliant time!

  • Congratulations! Very inspiring to those of us still doing earlier weeks. I did W6R1 today and I'm starting to believe that completing this is a very achievable goal for me now!!

  • Congratulations!! Your words echo those of many others. It's not just the physical health benefits that are important but also the boost to your self esteem and sense of purpose. Onwards and upwards now!

    Whatever next!?

  • Congratulations padfish. Fantastic story and a great achievement on the running and health front! Another poster child for the programme! :)

  • Many congratulations, what a great achievement and also a great inspiration to the likes of me who are just getting started.

    I am in week 3 now and have already lost weight and feeling so much fitter, determined to make it through. Reading experiences like yours are a great help!

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