Couch to 5K

Saint Laura.............the patron saint of new runners?

When I first contemplated C25K, listened to the podcasts and browsed the forum, I could n't understand why Laura was revered in an almost saint like way -after all she was only the voice of C25K. I remember laughing when she reassured me that she would be with me right through to the end of one the early longer runs.But having been guided, nay driven, by the said voice, through the pain and exhilaration of the course, I now understand the reasoning. The need to ensure that Laura was not disappointed dragged me through those desperate moments, when I would have happily collapsed in a heap on the ground, forcing me to complete the run. Her plea to make sure that I did not exhaust myself, because I still had another twenty minutes to go, was a request that no man could ignore.

During my wonderfully enjoyable thirty minute W9R2 this morning, with the rising sun glancing off the distant hills of North Dartmoor and filling the nearby valleys with warm light, while my long shadow stretched across the fields towards the grazing sheep, I smiled and thanked Saint Laura for all she has done for me. I even think my wife has forgiven me for my relationship with this total stranger, since she has now started the programme and talks fondly of her new friend, Laura.

But, as I said, she is only the outward manifestation of C25K and although she should definitely go through the beatification process, maybe all the other backroom boys and girls at NHS Choices should be sainted too. I'm not sure about Julie though........

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A great post and another inspiring success story. Thanks for sharing.


Great post. When I listened to the first podcast I thought 'this Laura is going to get on my nerves'. Yet within a few days I was desperate to hear her voice.....her gentle, encouraging tones....and it's her voice I long for near the end of a tough run with 'you have 60 seconds left'. Finishing this programme is an amazing achievement for me.....but I'm going to miss Laura. *sob*


Great post, with you all the way, I remember my first run without her - how bereft was I! I have replaced Laura gradually with my running club but she will always have a spot in my heart for getting me to where I am now and I know I couldn't have done it without her support and the forum's support and I am so grateful to the NHS for putting the programme together and making Laura the voice :-) To think I bet she doesn't even know how grateful we all are to her:-)


Love it! So true :) I still think I run better with her than without her :) x


A great post and so true. I wonder if Laura is her real name though? Imagine if in real life the voice of C25K was actually called Julie ;-)


I know exactly what you mean. My partner is following a different 0 to 5k podcast because he prefers to listen to his own music, and all the talk he gets is 'start running!' and 'good job, see you in a couple of days'. Laura helping me through those first 3 minute and 5 minute runs was crucial help and still is as I struggle through week 6. Saint Laura sounds about right to me! Enjoy your graduation run :-)


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