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Wk2R1 done!

Hi - just back from the first run of this week. I think the hardest 90 second run was the first one - probably set off a bit too fast! It's a beautiful day here though so felt so good to be outside and actually running!! Feel great now although slightly worried as to how much of a step-up future weeks will be.

Just keep running ..... just keep running ......!

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Just follow the plan and you'll be fine. You will step up a lot over the weeks and be amazed at your progress. Well done!


I just did my w2r1 this morning too. I also feel I am sometimes running too fast. I tried to do the breathing tips she was saying and was concentrating on that do hard I almost fell over my own feet. Think I will leaving the breathing till the end of the runs to work on. X


Great stuff Pip, As Steve says, the plan works, just trust it and you will get there! good luck


Just did the same run myself yesterday. Having thought 90 seconds couldn't be that much longer than 60 seconds, it did feel quite a bit more difficult as you say

Running through canal-side clouds of hungry midges just added to the fun... Bring on W2R2: we can only get better!


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