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Well today was the first run of Week 2. Despite my initial enthusiasm (see last blog), I was slightly apprehensive at starting today. But the lovely Laura calmed my fears and I really enjoyed it!

I was wearing a new sports top, and my mum said as I headed out that I looked 'sporty'. I extrememly doubt it!

The actual run went well, and I look forward to Sat!

Happy Running!

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Great, a good positive approach and dressed to knock 'em dead ;) Onwards and upwards ... Laura and her team of devotees here will keep you on track in the weeks ahead. All the best for Saturday. Linda :)


Thankyou, I will keep you updated!


Glad it went well, I still feel weird putting on 'sporty' clothes. Sometimes I feel as though I'm just dressing up as a real sportsperson :P


Well done! I was supposed to be starting week 2 on Wednesday but I decided to do another week 1 run just to build up my stamina a bit more, and it was the first time it nearly killed me! I was so annoyed afterwards because i did it three times last week and it was fine (a little out of breath but nothing too bad).

Then yesterday came along and I practically had to drag myself through each run. Pathetic!

I just kept hoping and praying it would soon be over, which never even crossed my mind last week. I am going out again tomorrow evening after work though so fingers crossed it will be slightly more enjoyable!


Congratulations! Glad you enjoy your runs! I did week 1 and 3 twice, as I felt I needed to build stamina before moving on to the next podcast. I'm now on week 4 but I don't know if I'll be able to run 20 minutes on the row at the end of week 5! But just as you, I'm positive and motivated! Let's keep it up!! ^^


well done - I have literally just done week 2 R2 - will complete R3 tomorrow as i won't get to run sunday - running kids around instead. I am quite enjoying the runs- however i gather i am building up to 3 min runs - which I have to say feels quite daunting - so will pick my route very carefully.

Happy running to you on sat - keep enjoying


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