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I did it ... W6R2

I don't know what it is with R2s maybe as I just have one day Recovery from R1 as apoosed to the two days upto R3 but saying that I do go for a 15 mile bike ride on the Thursday's gotta be a mental thing R2s are just a mind messers it feels even better than I managed to run the 10 mins each and maintain a faster pace ✌️ I'm feeling confident that by week 9 I'm not going to be far off the 30 mark for 5km actually I'm aiming for 35 (aka my age), this running malarky is addictive and it seems to get on your mind .... Even in car rides with the other half and kids I seem to be picking out hills and fun places Im going to conquer with my jogging 😜 but for now just working towards the 5k, hills and everything after can wait!!

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Well done Smokey.

R2s have mostly been the hardest for me too.


Well done, personally I found that one one of the toughest on the whole training plan. The rest are a steady build up to 30 minutes. Good luck only 3 weeks to go!


I can't believe I've made it so far, what was quite daunting before is actually feeling acheiveable and I really can't believe there's only 10 runs left, and fingers crossed I should graduate .... I remember when I started biking and I would do 3 miles and It was hard going until I got to the point where I would go 15 miles every other day (that was before C25K now my bike has been "retyred" to twice a week) ....its inspirational to read all the long term runners on the forum who have started out from C25K and have gone further and further on there journey I'm sure when they started the plan they never considered they would be doing marathons, half marathons, 10ks or just even 5k once a week never mind three times a week ... So yes very inspirational and motivational forum 👌


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