I did it!!!

I did it!!!

Week 1 run 1 and the picture fits exactly how I feel right now! Haha

Can't believe I've done it I know it's just the start but it was ready to give up before I even started, so glad I went through the door though!

I am now slowly dying haha but I actually really enjoyed it even though I can no longer feel my legs. I shouted back at Laura when she told me I'd run a total of 8 mins, that can't be right I've been running for at least an hour I yelled.. Good job it was late and no one was about. :)

I almost felt as though I couldn't do it but then she said those sweet words 'this is your second to last run' and that pushed me to finish, so glad I did!

If anyone doesn't know I also started the NHS 12 week eating plan today so had lots of fruit and veg and really looked at what I'm putting in my mouth, I also need to check my sugars as I am type 2 diabetic then I'm going to collapse in bed.

Just wanted to let everyone know I took the first step! :)


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  • That is REALLY good to hear!!!! Your confidence will soar further as you go on!!!

  • Thanks Bazza!! :)

  • Congratulations on your first run! The hardest part is getting out the door and starting. You' ve taken the first step. Slow is the way to go :) Laura can be encouraging :)

  • Thank you, yeah so glad I took that first step it definetely was the hardest!!

  • That is brilliant to hear, Kayla, WELL DONE. :-) getting out the door in the first place I'd usually the most difficult part, so that's one of the hardest barriers overcome now; it's not unknown territory any more.

    You'll find that the weeks will fly by and you'll be graduating C25K before you know it. Arguing with/talking to Laura is perfectly normal; I think most of us here have done it at some point or other. I know I have.

    Just take the runs nice and steady and take your rest days too and you'll make great progress. How are you feeling now?

    I hope all goes well with the eating plan too. As you get more into the running, you may find that you start to eat a lot healthier anyway and that you'll notice improvements all the time.

    Congratulations again on completing your first run. :-) Happy resting!

  • Hi Miles thanks for the comment, on the night I felt dead haha and the next day my legs were sore walking upstairs but apart from that I felt really good, like I'd accomplished something!

    Unfortunately I haven't been very well the past few days, nasty bug or food poisoning I'm not too sure so didn't go for my second run last night. I'm feeling a lot better today so hoping to go tonight and get back in to it, damn this hot weather is driving me mad though!!

    Thanks again for the support, I will post again after tonight :)

  • Hey Kayla :-)

    You have accomplished something! That's the thing with C25K and running in general; you'll go on and on accomplishing things, bigger accomplishments all the time!

    Sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. :-( very well done on not forcing yourself our even though you didn't feel up to it; it's one of the worst things you can do, that. Glad you're feeling better now though!

    Have a great second run; looking forward to reading about how it goes!

    Yes, BTW, I'm not a fan of the heat either. Really looking forward to autumn and winter! :D

  • Hi Miles, sadly I did not make my second run as I was sick again yesterday. I'm thinking I will re do week 1 starting Monday, this heat isn't helping with feeling sicky! :(

    I can't wait for winter haha! How are you doing? :)

  • Just posted in your new thread. :-)

    Nooooo feeling fed up about it, okay? It can't be helped and you'll be out running again soon! :-)

    Me neither; strangely looking forward to running through winter. :-/

    I'm good thanks, but shattered as it's been quite a week at work, and quite a day too. Was up at three to run at four and somehow managed 13.5K. Hope you're feeling better now!

  • Ha ha Kayla, I hope you keep posting your progress because it was fun to read. Good,luck!

  • Hiya Mum156, thank you very much for your comment and support! :)

  • KaylaRawr, good for you! You are taking control and you will get such a sense of achievement from this programme. And the wonderful people on here will make you feel better if you ever doubt yourself or find it hard going.

  • Hi MrsSparkle, thanks for your comment. Yeah you're right everyone on here and been so kind and supportive, it's fab! :)

  • Well done KaylaRawr and keep us posted! But be warned - this running lark soon gets addictive lol : )

  • Thank you I'm hoping I do catch the running bug, I never caught on to the gym one so maybe this can be my new 'thing' haha!! :)

  • First big step taken. You have every right to feel pleased with your self - well done. Listening to Laura will keep you on target and the occasional answering back is allowed.

  • Thank you for your comment, yeah I like Laura but yelling at her helped motivate me haha

  • Well done! I'm just one run ahead of you (started Week 2 yesterday!).

    Go Girl!

  • Thank you and well done to you too, keep up the hard work it will be worth it in the end of both of us!! :)

  • Brilliant that's one of the hardest runs. I would plead with Laura to say I could stop running. I must have looked and sounded mad. The programme works though and you'll be surprised how quickly you manage to run longer!

  • Haha don't worry I was the same kept talking to her and was so glad to hear when it was the last run, I'm hoping now I have an idea of it I will know when I'm half way next time and keep motivated haha. Keep up the hard work :)

  • Well done! Keep posting about your running and dieting - everyone here is so supportive! Don't forget to do your stretches after running, otherwise you'll ache like b***ery the next day!

  • Thank you, I will keep posting the support here is great. Yes thank goodness I stretched afterwards haha had sore legs the next day but they could have been much worse!

  • Kayla! Kayla! Cheering for you over the tinternet. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyy you got out there and kicked ass! Poor old Laura doesn't have take some stick poor lass. We call her from pillar to post don't we. Good job she is more than equal to the task. As are you!

    Just keep plugging slowly away, one run at a time. Tick em off and move on. You'll get there, and with your healthy eating, you'll begin to feel and look great. It's all in your hands now but we will support you along the way

    Good luck sugar! Keep going

  • Hiya miss wobble thank you so much for your cheering, it means a lot to me!! :) Yeah I wasn't very nice to Laura but she was great and got to me the end haha.

    Thanks so much for all your support don't think I could do this without everyone's kind words helping me along the way!!

  • Congratulations Kayla! I love your pic and that's meet too...slow & easy. Your first step was getting off the couch and the second step was completing your first run...no stopping you now...you are a RUNNER. Stick to the program and take the good advice offered on this forum...follow the program as it is 'written', and you should have no problems. The weeks will fly by and you will soon be ready for your final run and then graduation. Keep your positive outlook! :)

  • Thank you ginbin, when I saw that pic I thought yep that's me a slow turtle haha but it made me smile. thank you for your support and thank you for calling me a runner, that's great to hear!! :)

  • Excellent, well done! Slow and steady wins the race, and in C25K, slow and steady means that you don't hurt yourself and have to go on the injury couch.

    I enjoyed your post, and so please keep running and keep posting. Your virtual supporters are all here, cheering you on.

  • Thanks MarkyD for your comment and support I really hope C25K is a success for me like it has been for some many others on here! :)

  • Welcome to the club Kayla.

    Good rluck with the rest of the program....

  • Thanks very much Franny :)

  • So pleased for you. There is a ton of support and advice on here, so you are not alone. I am in my fifties, and since I started my stepson and two of my daughters-in-law have started couch too! Who knows, you might change someone else's life too by setting such a brilliant example. You will be truly amazed by what you achieve. When I started I had trouble running 60 seconds. Tomorrow I will be running 25 minutes for the second time!! Go, go go....xx

  • Hi Amisnan thank you for your comment and support. Wow that's fab well done to you and good luck on your next run. Keep up the hard work!! :)

  • Well done you. You will be amazed at how quickly the weeks fly by - each one a new challenge and each one do-able. And you will never forget your first run either. Love the picture - that's me too. Anyone know how to download and save it?

  • Belay the last question - I've found out, and it's about to be pinned up on my noticeboard!!!

  • Thanks for your comment and support, yeah the pic makes me smile I have it on my phone just as a reminder that even though I may be slow like the turtles I'm still running!! :) haha

  • Very sorry for the late reply everyone I will get back to you all ASAP just been very poorly the past few days, not sure if it was a bug or food poisoning :( didn't do my second run last night as I still felt queezy but will be hopefully doing it tonight.

    Thanks for all your support! X

  • I remember how awful I felt after my first run - I swear every sixty seconds was twice as long as the one before, and the most beautiful words in the world were "It's time to slow down now". I was quite scared of the second, but recovery was much quicker.

  • Yeah I agree the running 60 seconds went so slow then the walking and catching my breath went so fast haha!

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