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W6R2 - making it harder for myself


I did everything wrong today. Slept in, early morning visitors arrived even earlier than expected, no breakfast, bigger than usual lunch as I was hungry after missing breakfast and then decided to turn an afternoon dog walk into a run.

All my runs have been pre-breakfast but I didn’t want to miss a run today as i know I haven’t time tomorrow. It was cooler than we’ve had for a while (24 degrees) and I thought I’d do my first trail run.

What I learnt:

1. You get to the hilly bit of a track much sooner when you’re running;

2. The flat bits can be hills too but you just hadn’t noticed when you were walking;

3. The dog is very unimpressed when you turn around every few minutes to avoid more b..... hills;

4. 24 degrees is cooler than 32 but it’s still too hot;

5. It’s best not to wear mascara when you run as it frightens walkers, cyclists and other runners - and you only know why they’ve avoided you when you get home and look in the mirror:

6. Better to run before eating.

Other than that it was great

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Lessons learnt, I would never run in +20C temperatures, the highest temperature I have ran in is 19C, there again if it was a parkrun I might run if the temperature was a little higher, I would make sure that I had a light breakfast, was well hydrated and would have my water bottle with me in my running belt.

Puppy-loveGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Wise words. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to run in warm temps. I live in Budapest and, this summer, the minimum temp has rarely been below 20.


Some of my better runs have come out of some of your points- you still went for a run and that’s surely a win.

Loved the mascara point I have done that too- add frizzy hair from wind and rain plus a red face- quite a pretty picture in the mirror when home lol 😆 😱

Puppy-loveGraduate in reply to Sp81

Definitely a win. The hills felt like Mount Everest but I kept thinking that runs like this must make me stronger. I'm working on my positivity! Part of that will be trying to avoid the mirror until I've had a shower. :) :)

Sp81Graduate in reply to Puppy-love

Absolutely make us stronger, must admit I’m a hill avoider too. It’s amazing to me how hard even the slightest incline can be.

Top tip shower 1st mirror 2nd- love it thank you.


Well done for getting through the run despite the change of routine and circumstances! I had a weird week 6 run 2 the other day too!

It's incredibly hard to avoid hills where I live too, but I see them as a test of my mental fitness and stamina 😀

Good luck with the next one! xx

Puppy-loveGraduate in reply to AliHC

Thank you. We’ll get there, hills or not. 😊


Wow you did make it hard for yourself!!! Well done for doing it anyway - think how much stronger you’ll be, and how much easier the next one will be! 👏🏻🏃🏼‍♀️

Puppy-loveGraduate in reply to Jazzyrunner

W6R3 on Sunday. I'm looking forward to it. :)

JazzyrunnerGraduate in reply to Puppy-love

Good luck!


so much agree with point 4 especially since you need to add 5 degrees when you run so it's actually 29 for your body


I didn't know about adding 5 degrees. Thanks for that. Roll on cool autumn mornings.

MurielbezGraduate in reply to Puppy-love

Yes I think I read this here actually!



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