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Starting C25K on Monday!

Hey guys!

I am fairly new to all this and am planning on starting the C25K on Monday - excited and nervous all at the same time! I'm not a particularly active person at the moment. Used to go the gym a lot but had to stop due to uni and money, etc. I'm trying to get back in the game not because I have an office job which means sitting around all day and I'm really not enjoying that part!

Looking forward to getting into running - I've never been keen on running but I'm lucky enough to have Brighton seafront on my doorstep so I really want to make the most of it!

Any tips for a novice runner? Going to look up some proper stretches and things but other than that I'm flying blind as to what to expect!

Thanks :)


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Get some running shoes and socks.

I go out first thing in the morning, drink a few mouthfuls of water (I think too much might be as bad as not enough) before I go but eat nothing.

The worst I've suffered is a bit of dry mouth in some of the earlier runs but it wasn't a big deal and soon got used to it. I'd rather that than carry anything, if I'm honest.

Think about how hot you'll get while running and try to dress accordingly. If it's cold you may need gloves and a hat.

Think about how you're listening to the podcasts, I use a little clip to stop the lead from my earphones dragging out of my ears as it would do were the cable hanging down free. Other than a couple of times, it's worked well.

We'll probably pass at some point, I live in Hove.


Thank you!

I think I'm going to start running in the evenings at first until I get used to it (make myself go out straight after work) and then move on to getting up earlier in the mornings and going then.

The little clip idea is great, I'll definitely be using that! I know it's just going to be a case of getting used to what's best for me, but I'm still a bit nervous to be honest. I'm sure it'll be better than I think though.


I started it early December, the first run was very difficult but I stuck at it and now the shortest runs I do are 5k and I have ran for as much as 8k in an hour.

I do my first Parkrun this Saturday, here's a link if you don't know where it is:

They are run every Saturday all over the country, this is our local one.

Something to aim for.


I recommend the right shoes and socks too ... I started with my old trainers but my shins were hurting by week 3 so invested in some running shoes and socks and touch wood, my legs have been good since (just jelly like after a longer run:)

Wish I could run by the sea, sounds lovely.

Have a good first run and let us know hoe it goes.


Oh and Angels, allow me to steal Greeners' thunder and tell you to run as slowly as you need to, then run a little slower. Speed can come later. Another tip is to use this site regularly, in terms of the advice and support it gives you, it is invaluable.


Yeah, I'm definitely going to invest in some proper trainers soon. That's been the biggest thing I've heard from people, I think.

Seriously, thanks for the tips, I'm already realising that this network will offer me more support than going it alone which makes me feel ready for it. I will definitely start off slowly - my biggest problem would most likely have been wondering how fast/ slow I should be going and then deciding that I'm going too slow/ thinking I'll never make it, etc. which is a spiral that would be awful. I think this is going to be as much a mental challenge as a physical one!


'Greeners' here! Fingalo started about the same time as me, and we've enjoyed lots of daft banter along the way, not to mention laughs and support through tough bits. And we've both got right to the end. Hurrah! Hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have. :) (And it really is possible, and ok, to run slower than you walk!)


You've hit the nail on the head, it very much is a mental challenge. It may start as a physical one but you quickly realise the programme will condition your week by week for what it asks it to do, it's getting your mind to believe it that can be the problem. The fact that you suspect that already puts you about three weeks ahead of me at the same stage.

One thing about the shoes, do not mistake 'expensive' for 'right'. I initially bought a cheap pair for £30 and thought they'd do until I progressed a bit and was sure keep running, however having had a gait analysis and read an awful lot about shoes, I've since realised that there really isn't a definite right or wrong and while I have heard some terrific stuff about the assistants in the shops, remember it's in the manufacturers interests to puff up the benefits of their technology.

For example, I went out last week and bought another pair of the same shoes and Greeners runs in a pair of work shoes.


Your situation is exactly like mine! Im not overweight but was pretty inactive and had put on about half a stone while working in an office (which iv now lost).! im on week 7 now and loving it so just go for it! Buy a headband - if i dont wear llone I feel sick because my ears ache with the cold!!!! have fun!!


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