Progress Report - W5R3 awaits

I completed W5R2* this morning without any real drama but, after feeling really good throughout the first 8 minute running stint, I tried to add a little bit more speed during the second one which resulted in much huffing and puffing.

I have a follow up visit to the physio tomorrow but I have had no issues at all with my knees in the last 3 weeks so I am expecting everything to be OK. I have been doing my strengthening exercises, including the dreaded single-leg squats, but my left hip is still an issue. The pain, which was a screaming burning sensation three weeks ago, is now less severe but still very much there. We'll see how things go.

W5R3 will be on Wednesday and I will be going slowly, very slowly.

* My W5R2 on Garmin Connect if anyone is interested.


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20 Replies

  • Nice one! Your pace is very steady. Hope all goes well with the physio.

  • Thanks and I am sure it will.

  • Slow and steady wins the race. Well done!

  • Thank you Freddie. It was 1 degree C when I did my run this morning, I was bloody freezing. Not quite central Sweden in Winter but I am sure you can relate!

  • excellent work dunder, you'll be fine for weds i'm sure. thats a good pace and gosh that was early too! :)

  • Thanks Aliboo. I got up early to watch the F1 this morning and had intended to run after the race but I got the urge to go, so I went :)

  • Great stuff Dunder, great news about the knees and good luck for the big one!

  • Thanks OG.

  • Well done Dunder , hope all goes well with the physio , and that youre ready for the Big One :-)

    Flippin' hips , Grrrr ! :-( xxx

  • Bloody hips indeed.

    It's going to be a good few weeks before the pain goes I reckon but one soldiers on.

    Hope you are on the mend pug.

  • Ive still got that horrible burning searing pain in my left hip , my right hip doesnt hurt at all now , so Im half on the mend :-)

    We will get there Dunder , I am sure of it xxx

  • Yeah! Well done, Dunder :-) You're very brave trying to run faster - I don't try to increase speed, I'm just content to get through without 1) stopping and 2) inadvertently kissing the tarmac. Hope the visit to the physio goes well tomorrow. Now I'm off to imagine what a single-legged squat looks like.

  • Thanks.

    Brave wasn't the word I used to myself this morning! Lesson learned though, I am fully intent on plodding from here until graduation.

    Single-leg squats are cruel and unusual punishment. Right now I am fine with my (stronger) right leg but doing them with my left leg is sheer torture.

  • Great stuff Dunder :) Nice even pacing too. Good luck with the physio and w5r3. Hope the hip stops burning very soon

  • Thanks AM, me too!

  • Well done on the run. Glad to hear you're hip is improving and hope it goes well with the physio

  • Thanks beaner.

    I hope everything is OK with you.

  • Doing good thanks. All the better for running :)

  • Good luck for w5r3. Everyone kept telling me keep it slow and I avoided injury, so I'd like to pass the same advice on to you. I find it's best to stay slow for the first 5-10mins of a run, then my body sort of naturally starts to go faster, I find a rhythm, and it all gets easier. You'll find your own natural pace too, but in meantime be careful not to overstretch yourself, even though sounds like you're doing really well! The longer runs will be a revelation, learning how your body naturally wants to run 😊

  • Thanks Ruth. Appreciated.

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